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A new homunculual way to show your style
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Instead of being a representation of the somatosensory cortex, which is more or less the same in most people (although mine had its ‘sense-of-fair-play’ removed), the HoMONKulus is a representation of the level to which each individual uses any part of the body for any type of sexual endeavor.

Each person has their own HoMONKulus. Looking at them all together would probably resemble a bell curve of sorts…several similar ones in the middle, but a lot of potentially strange outliers, since nearly any part of the body can be used for sexual arousal if you really try.

Everyone would be issued a T-shirt with their HoMONKulus on it. If you saw a couple walking together, his t-shirt showing huge hands and hers showing huge feet, you might guess “ahh…foot fetish guy”.

New t-shirts can be ordered whenever you’d like, after a thorough examination by the HoMONKulus Organization's Telepathic Testing Institute Extraordinaire (HOTTIE). Of course, the main reason people even wear the shirts is to show their quirkiness, prove they have a wild significant other, or collect the random prizes handed out by the HOTTIE at nightclubs everywhere.

*Note: The HoMONKulus is named after certain Monks who were thought to be celibate, but had remarkably large hands and genitals on their original Sexuality Homunculus Maps.

sleeka, Nov 24 2005

never seen a female version... http://www.vancouve...ages/homunculus.jpg
[po, Nov 27 2005]


       I have one of these. I keep it in a frame, in my attic.
moomintroll, Nov 24 2005

       I giving this a bun, purely for the bell curve graph of body parts.
wagster, Nov 24 2005

       How would you portray fetishes that involve scenarios (such as being tied up) rather than specific body parts?
Adze, Nov 24 2005

       Hey, if this idea is going down (and it is), at least sign your names to the next 20 bones....   

       But really, did you re-read it? Because, it is good if you think about it.
sleeka, Nov 27 2005

       I thought this was a reference to Goethe's "Faust"
sninctown, Nov 27 2005

       //How would you portray fetishes that involve scenarios (such as being tied up) rather than specific body parts?// well...ummm...I don't know. I guess that whatever areas of your person were turned on whilst you were tied up would show up on your HoMONKulus.   

       The HOTTIE takes care of all these issues. And yes, I've already self-MFDed this idea for magic. Does that earn me a bonus bun?
sleeka, Nov 27 2005

       Who says I can't vote for last years ideas? +
zeno, May 24 2006

       Thank you, [zeno]! I would like to take this time to thank all the people who helped make this possible...
sleeka, May 24 2006


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