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Fondle Alarm

For people that handle themselves too frequently.
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Works for external fondling and internal(meaning beneath clothing)

The purposes of the device are A. Awareness B. Deterrence and or C. Attention

Clips to your underwear, comprised of some sensors an alarm and some electronics that include a limited cpu, prepaid modem and a connection that allows programming from your computer.

A. Awareness- you think that you might have a problem: use the device to send emails to your personal email as documentation of your fondling frequency (like the cigarette butts in the Jar thing)

B. Deterrence- you know that you have a problem: use the device to alarm quietly or loudly when you fondle yourself. Sometimes you are just unaware and need something to snap you to awareness or you might want to use the embarrassment of strangers knowing to kick the habit so a loud alarm or announcement might work better for you. a loud voice from your groin proclaims "Richard Smith is fondling himself again!" or "Stop Touching me Sarah Masterson!"

C. Attention - this is for exhibitionists set the device to email your significant other whenever you fondle or use the alarm to call attention in a public place.

vfrackis, Dec 30 2009

Beating Masturbation http://www.angelfire.com/on4/selfabuse/
[afinehowdoyoudo, Dec 31 2009]


       Get a hold of yourself.
tatterdemalion, Dec 30 2009

       I have a bad feeling about this one.
swimswim, Dec 30 2009

       Just eat Buffalo Wings more frequently.
leinypoo13, Dec 30 2009

       Buffalo Wings what do you mean?
vfrackis, Dec 30 2009

       Stroke of genius.   

       Buffalo wings would be a good deterent, on a side note; never rub aborbine jr. on sore muscles and then forget to wash your hands before taking a leak.
Just take my word for it.

       I am speechless, and clueless. Help me, help me, help me, someone help me please
blissmiss, Dec 30 2009

       //Absorbine Jr// ditto that disinfectant hand-wash they have set up in hospitals.   

       [bliss] err hmm... tapping one's fingers on the tabletop unconsciously... but not tapping and not a tabletop. Would be much much worse if men had breasts... much.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009

       oye vey, now more cryptic than ever.
blissmiss, Dec 30 2009

       [blissmiss], every male has had at least one experience with touching something spicy and then shortly thereafter touching a sensitive body part.
normzone, Dec 30 2009

       Especially if the sensitive body part is his wife's.
outloud, Dec 31 2009


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