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laser adjustable dance mirror improves performance

I feel as if placing a huge mirror behind stage dancers would cause their motions to be more visually compelling, possibly creating an equally appreciated dance with less practice. Thus this invention is a huge sheet of affordable rollable mirror plastic where the edge tensioners are adjusted according to how a laser with computer estimates the fidelity quality of the reflection
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It occurred to me that at least with some choreography the audience would think the dances were more visually compelling if the dancers danced at the front of a mirror.

There are more things visibly moving, also a computer assisted choreographer could actually do some amusing thing like computer measure the attentiveness of an audience with or without the big mirror to create works with a high amount of measurable attentiveness as well as appreciation. This kind of thing is already done with advertising.

Anyway to make this really affordable you have to make a giant mirror, a storable, moveable, cheaply made mirror might be a huge sheet of rollable mirror plastic where the corners as well as side linkages were stretchable under computer guidance from a laser that made an adjustment pattern on the mirror as well as activated motors at the sides to make sure it was true.

Then, the big benefit, the dancers would get as much or more attention as well as appreciation with less rigorous practice. That way the choreographers could be nicer to them. That is particularly appropriate with younger or learning dancers.

beanangel, Feb 24 2012

Audience Mirror Audience_20mirror
Similar [csea, Feb 24 2012]


       Huge sheet of rollable mirror-like plastic...   

       It's easier if you just call it mylar.   

       Putting a mirror behind dancers to enhance the performance...   

       You've never been to a strip joint, have you?
Alterother, Feb 24 2012

       This reminded me of an idea I posted a while ago. [link] If one makes the mirror of aluminized mylar, it can function as a mirror or a nearly transparent scrim depending on the stage and house lighting.
csea, Feb 24 2012

       [+] simply because I understood the idea without having to read it numerous times... well... probably. Sounds good.
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2012


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