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Hole Punch Sharpener

A Device for Sharpening Hole Punches
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Over time the cutting edges in a hole punch become duller end duller, making punching holes harder. This device has two milling heads that are aligned with the punch holes and the (w)hole thing is clamped together, exposing the hole punching devices for sharpening by the milling heads.
oneoffdave, Jan 19 2005

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       Is there a device you can get to sharpen the milling heads when they get dull?
hippo, Jan 19 2005

       Once the sharpening heads wear down they'd have to be replaced I'm afraid.
oneoffdave, Jan 19 2005

       I've heard people say that punching aluminum foil sharpens a hole punch. I can't quite figure out how this would actally help, but if it makes them feel batter...   

       Maybe since you have a dull hole punch (I'm assuming that's why you came up with the idea) you could try it and report back.
scad mientist, Jan 19 2005

       Based on [scad]'s idea, I'll try foil and sandpaper and see if I can spot a difference.
oneoffdave, Jan 19 2005

       put it under a pyramid over night
po, Jan 19 2005

       The hole punch industry is running scared. This invention could really cut into their sales. +
robinism, Jan 20 2005

       There's always prayer?
blissmiss, Jan 20 2005

       There are a few three-hole punches on the market advertised as self-sharpening.
bristolz, Jan 20 2005

       The only reason that this is a two head sharpener, is that is the most common type in the UK. For a reason I've never been able to fathom, we have either two or four holes in our paper here and in the Americas three is far more common.
oneoffdave, Jan 20 2005

       What's needed is a comprehensive sharpening method experiment. I'll have to buy several cheap hole punches, blunt them and then try all the suggested sharpening methods. I'll leave one untouched as a control. However; if I get a life, this may be put on hol(e)d.
oneoffdave, Jan 20 2005

       Why would you want to get a life? Results are what matter, not friends or daylight.
shapu, Jan 20 2005


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