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Hollowed eraser sticks

Save everything, waste nothing.
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I was buying graphite and an eraser for my pencil today. I have one of those erasers thats a stick that handles like a pen. I was thinking if you simply hollowed out the top half of the eraser you could fit quite a bit of graphite in the eraser itself.

You would simply buy the eraser stick and it would come with graphite in it. The graphite would be in the top half of the eraser stick so you could store it whilst you use the graphite in your pencil. It would be secured by a small eraser material cork at the top.

End all the wastefull packaging.

Antegrity, Jan 13 2006


       How would you advance the graphite as it was used up?
migennes, Jan 13 2006

       End all the wastefull packaging.
zeno, Jan 13 2006

       So you're storing spare leads for your automatic pencil inside the eraser, right? What stops the leads getting broken?
moomintroll, Jan 13 2006

       I mistook this one for "Hallowed Erasure Stinks"... sorry, for that, so giving you a + to compensate
xenzag, Jan 13 2006

       Wouldn't you be erasing everything you wrote, unless you kept it perpetually sharpened?   

       Now, a *self-propelling* Hollowed Eraser Stick...
Dub, Jan 13 2006

       OK the eraser stick is 4 inches long the top half of the stick is hollowed out too contain the lead. When you need lead in your pencil you take it from the eraser. Use the eraser to erase.
Antegrity, Jan 13 2006

       Yes and all you would buy would be the eraser which would have the lead in it. Zero material would go to waste.
Antegrity, Jan 18 2006

       Why not an eraser pencil? Make pencils out of eraser material instead of out of wood. Then you never need to sharpen your pencil. Simply "erase" an empty space on your paper.   

       Would be interesting to check which is more expensive? Which is better for the ecology?
pashute, May 01 2006

       They'd put the whole thing in a plastic casing to sell it anyway.
sibyll, Nov 11 2006


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