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sticky lines

as an alternative to rubbers
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Instead of rubbing out mistakes, which leaves smudges and sometimes tears the pages in my writing books, I have come up with the idea of sticky back lines attached to a pice of card so when you have made a mistake peel off the line and stick a new one on.
gizmo, Nov 26 2001


       Tippex, the company that makes the white quick-drying paint that you can cover up mistakes with, already has a product that appears to be rolls of white tape that you can place over mistakes.
Aristotle, Nov 26 2001

       If I paint out all my letters with the Tippex it also paints out the line I'm supposed to be writing on, causing wobbly, not in a straight line writing. The sticky line would overcome this problem.
gizmo, Nov 26 2001

       People still write on paper?
pottedstu, Nov 26 2001

       Stu: At my school we do.
gizmo, Nov 26 2001

       can't believe a smart boy like you makes mistakes! could you not amend the mistake so that it is right e.g. Henry VIII had five wives.... and one that died.
po, Nov 26 2001

       Baked. Avery Denison makes something like this. You can get it in varying widths. It comes in a tape dispenser package.   

       Or at least it did. I used to use it by the case, fifteen years ago when I worked for company that was doing a lot of microfilming. It may have disappeared with the typewriter.
elizilla, Nov 27 2001

       Note, the noun "rubber" generally means something different in the USA.
egnor, Nov 27 2001

       Correction fluid or tape would cover the rule line on the paper or incompletely over the writing. I believe the idea is for correciton tape that has a rule line printed on it. Neither [PeterSealy]'s nor [UnaBubba]'s link point to such a product.   

       The Pelikan site [UnaBubba] linked to has a product which eliminates "Royal Blue" ink, but I assume that means there's a chemical reaction with a particular ink product.   

       Erasable ink pens are baked and would probably be the best solution to this problem.
phoenix, Nov 27 2001

       [po] I thought that all 6 of Henry VIII's wives died.
cp, Nov 27 2001

       where's my tipex?
po, Nov 27 2001

       Relative to Henry VIII, they lived or died as follows:
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.
lewisgirl, Nov 27 2001

       lewisgirl shouldn't that be...
died, died horribly, died, died, died horribly, died?
DrBob, Nov 27 2001

       The third one died pretty horribly, too.
Horrible deaths was something of a speciality in the sixteenth century.
Lemon, Nov 27 2001


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