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multi-colored tippex (white out)

when you don't need to white out, but you need to blend
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While tediously re-labeling manila filing folders at work I wondered why there was only WHITE white out. They should have an assortment of blended colors to match the folders that are made for sale. So if a company manufactures a set of loden folders, they similarly should have a team of designers to match a suitable "white out" or tippex color to match. Manila, loden, black, blue... that would be splendid.
bubblegrrl79, Jul 02 2004

Planet Pleaser™ Multi Purpose Fluid http://www.everythi...onsdescriptions.htm
Fast drying, super smooth, and long lasting, this formula offers universal coverage. Works well on typewritten errors, ballpoint ink, photocopy corrections, and thermal fax paper. Available in white, yellow, pink, blue, green, buff, ledger green, gold and ivory. $2.39** [half, Oct 05 2004]

Buff, ledger green, canary yellow, blue, green and ivory http://www.business...rrection-fluid.html
A more widely known brand. [half, Oct 05 2004]


       Transparent Tippex?
FarmerJohn, Jul 02 2004

       I find two references on Google to "coloured Tippex" (both of which, somewhat bizarrely, relate to marking animals), so I assume it must be available.
There are 13 references to "colored liquid paper", and again 2 use the product to mark crickets.
Instead of checking the stationery cupboard, perhaps you should be looking in the pet store.
angel, Jul 02 2004

       I'm *sure* I remember this being available in the US, perhaps 15 years ago--correction fluid in all different colors to match different office papers. I can picture the photo in the office supply catalog with all the little brushes laid out in a wheel shape to display the colors. (I don't remember any black, but there was blue, green, yellow, probably pink...) But I can't find them now, and it seems no one else can either.
Etymon, Jul 02 2004

       Like [Etymon], I can remember these too from about 20-15 years ago. A whole array of office paper shades. I've just checked our current suppliers and they don't carry it any more.
oneoffdave, Jul 02 2004

       "Works well on typewritten errors, ballpoint ink, photocopy corrections, and thermal fax paper"; (link)
half, Jul 02 2004

       baked, but left out too long and needs some more time in the oven... I call it: BBLOTLANSMTITO, a rare breed, different from baked, but left out too long on purpose, BBLOTLOP. Now, surely, the bakery needs more real ideas than BBLOTLANSMTITOs or BBLOTLOPs, but if your put one down, I'd rather see a BBLOTLANSMTITO than a BBLOTLOP...
daseva, Jul 02 2004

       daseva, have you lost your mind? what the hell are you talking about?
cornpad, Aug 08 2004


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