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Round-Edged Erasers

For dry-erase whiteboard especially
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We've got lots of dry-erase whiteboards in the office, and they all come with erasers. The great thing is that the erasers have tearaway covers, so when the cover is dirty, you just tear it away to get a fresh eraser.

The problem is that almost all the erasing action is done on the corners of the eraser, leaving the 90% in the middle clean, and the edges dirty down to all layers.

We could get a lot longer life from the erasers (and erase better), if the edges were rounded. The tear-away covers would work better too.

So, instead of erasing with a small brick, it would be like erasing with a small bread loaf.

sophocles, Jan 13 2004

Round erasers for whiteboards http://www.smarttec...martboard/specs.asp
Look at the spec in the pdf [ATP, Oct 04 2004]


       That is a much needed improvement to whiteboard erasers. Your Croissant should be served with a kiss and a good-morning smile!
catch23, Jan 13 2004

       //Washable erasers pads would be a good start.// - That would also eliminate the problem of little grains of dirt stuck in the eraser that scratch the board and make it un-eraseable.
kbecker, Jan 15 2004

       Washing would be nice, but who's volunteering do the washing? It may cost less energy, water, and labor to stay with cheap tearaways.
sophocles, Jan 15 2004

       Fully baked. Smartboards have round erasers that erase real and virtual ink on the board
ATP, Jan 15 2004


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