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Pocket Red Flag

Handheld PopUp BS Indicator
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First date, the guy says, "I'm in commodity sales, travel a lot, soon to be divorced..." You reach into your pocket (or purse), pull out this little Bic-lighter-size device, push a button, up pops a small but unmistakable RED FLAG. End of date, no words necessary.

Or at a political rally, "My program will eliminate taxes, create hundreds of jobs, lead America to a New Era...blah, blah, blah." 500 little red flags pop up in the audience (like cell-phones at a concert).

One button says it all.

Boomershine, Apr 23 2010

The Old-Fashioned Approach http://www.spicymus...t/files/BangGun.jpg
Perhaps acceptable over a dinner table on your date; Not so good at political rallies. (Note: Original link image with a real "red flag" was replaced due to some bakers being unable to view it.) [jurist, Apr 23 2010, last modified Apr 24 2010]

bs detector http://www.thecrypt...llshitDetector.html
[jaksplat, Apr 24 2010]

a different pocket red flag http://en.wikipedia...i/Handkerchief_code
NOT what this idea is about, just to be clear. [hob, Sep 23 2010]


       This is probably a more sophisticated and politically correct alternative to the spring-loaded toy handgun with a message flag that we used to use.
jurist, Apr 23 2010

       // spring-loaded toy handgun //   

       Inevitably inferior to the nitro-powder loaded real handgun.
8th of 7, Apr 23 2010

       works for me.
FlyingToaster, Apr 24 2010

       Would be nice if it was hat-mounted instead of handheld.
pocmloc, Apr 24 2010

       Definitely nothing resembling a handgun, toy or otherwise. This sets off real red flags from way too many of the wrong people.
Boomershine, Apr 24 2010

       Would it often shroud your martyred dead, by any chance?
pertinax, Apr 26 2010

       I tried to use this at a running of the bulls, but the charging steer in front of me just didn't get the message.
DrWorm, Sep 16 2010

       //I tried to use this at a running of the bulls, but the charging steer in front of me just didn't get the message.//   

       But, that bull was not trying to deceive you. It is a BS *indicator*, not a repellant. I wonder why you needed an indicator at all? I suppose the bull may have *seemed* like a nice guy...but, still, the horns, and all?
Boomershine, Sep 16 2010


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