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Holographic Flat Tire Simulator Turn Signal

Grind up my tire and throw it away
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It's been twenty years since I had to change a flat tire, coinciding with the advent of me spending real money on new tires regularly.

But I had one go flat at freeway speeds (read: approximately 75 mph) yesterday.

It's been so long since I had a blowout I missed all the warning signs - the unseen thing I ran over about twenty miles back, the strange rumbling sound about twenty minutes later that I tried to figure out by changing lanes, which confirmed that it was my tire, and not the lane.

I was mulling over what it could possibly be when the tire just gave it up and came apart. I probably had thirty seconds of warning that I ignored in my blissful ignorance.

In a world where turn signals often go ignored or worse, I noticed that everybody let me have the right of way as I crossed four lanes and stopped in the emergency parking.

So, enough backstory, on to the idea. In this application, the word hologram is misused as it usually is. This is simply a dispenser for rubber-scented smoke under the rear wheel well, along with a projector that casts a brief loop of a flat tire disintegrating on to that smoke cloud.

When normal turn signals repeatedly fail to be observed, activate the Holographic Flat Tire Simulator Turn Signal and weave ever so slightly while beginning to slow down. Moses and the Red Sea got nothing on me. Oh, and optional Small Rubber Chunks Dispenser also available.

normzone, Apr 14 2013


       I generally yield the right-of-way to a vehicle that's emitting copious amounts of dense smoke. I suspect most others do as well. No holograms needed.
whlanteigne, Apr 14 2013


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