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Multi-lane turn signal

blink twice to move over two lanes,etc.
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I realize that Car:Turn Signals is nearly overfull, but I suggest that one variant is missing: Blink twice to inicate that I wish to move over two lanes, blink three, for three lanes, etc.

Now this may seem rash, when I should be moving over a lane at a time, but I am an honorable citizen, and carpool as often as possible.

The carpool lane has advantages, but tends to be in the far left lane, and exits to drop off a carpooler are at the far right (citizens of other principalities may have to adjust for local customs.)

I'd like to indicate my desire to move over multiple lanes to increase my chances of a courteous driver allowing me to pass, knowing that I won't impede their passage for long.

csea, Jul 31 2004


       You could get a bumper sticker.
DrCurry, Jul 31 2004


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