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Increasing Turn Signal Volume

The friendly Friendly [*FRIENDLY*] reminder
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Simple concept; once you activate your vehicle's turn signal, this device will issue the gentle ticking sound we all know and love from older cars . . . tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

The difference is that this sound will not remain a pleasant background metronome for long. After being active for about ten* seconds, the turn signal volume will begin an asymptotic logarithmic increase. Eventually the sound will be a consistent, clear click/beep that would be easily audible past your cell phone conversation or driving tunes.

When car velocity equals zero, the volume increasing function does not occur - - for instance, at a stoplight or while waiting for a parking space. See link for an HB idea with a similar intent but very different implementation. The idea itself is a rant referencing an "auto-off" after a period of time - - not so good in heavy traffic when you're waiting for the right moment. Additionally in that idea, there is an annotation which references a "buzzer" functionality which activates after a certain period of time of blinker activity, but judging by the sound of it, older and other sorts of challenged drivers might be surprised by the noise and lose focus on the driving task.

[* Thanks, longshot :-)]

contracts, Oct 18 2004

Auto-Off Turn Signal http://www.halfbake...ed_20Turn_20Signals
Wait! I was merging! [contracts, Oct 18 2004]


       Counting it out, twenty seconds can be quite a long time . . . as can five. I'll give you ten and not a millisecond more. Deal?
contracts, Oct 18 2004

       signally brilliant+
theircompetitor, Oct 18 2004

       How about using those fancy stereo speakers to indicate which blinker's on? And maybe a dull thud instead of a tick when the bulb's burned out?
frankus, Oct 19 2004

       Wouldn't work well on the Autobahn where running fast in the left lane with your left turn signal on all the time is a common practice and warning for the cars ahead of you that you are moving at a high velocity.   

       Maybe one should be able to turn the function off on the German market versions. If the unlimited speed of the Autobahn isn't legislated away, that is.
bristolz, Oct 19 2004

       If some deaf old coot driving a beige Volvo can't hear tic tic tic, he's probably not going to hear TIC TIC TIC either. In these cases, the blinking indicator lights serve as a warning to all other drivers that the vehicle in question is under the control of someone who isn't, or unfortunately can't, pay attention - so the 'forgotten indicator' is really a safety device for the rest of us. It's just Nature's way of saying 'Keep Away - I'm Dangerous'.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 19 2004

       I'm not a deaf old coot . . . I think it's inevitable that I've done it once. Everyone's done it once, [Consul] . . . and that includes YOU! (dramatic musical flourish)
contracts, Nov 18 2004

       This is mostly baked in my Jeep. After one mile with the indicator on, the car will beep at me and display a message on its screen. I believe it will also turn off the signal if I continue to ignore it.
Acme, Nov 19 2004


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