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indicators for going straight

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Cars have indicator for turning ,but no indicator to show that it wants to go straight when all the other cars are expected to turn.
karamchand, Apr 19 2003

(???) I know someone did this before http://moniplex.com...main.php?picture=85
In the meantime, here's bristolz's excellent illustration again. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Where this was mentioned http://www.halfbake..._20going_20straight
DrCurry, here's your answer. [Canuck, Oct 04 2004]


       My car has these. They can be selected by positioning the left-side steering-column stalk in the centre position. The orange lights at the front, rear and side of the car then become un-illuminated. This indicates to other road users that I do not intend to turn off the road.
angel, Apr 19 2003

       [angel] Unfortunately your intentions are still unknown to the person behind you. Are you going straight or did you neglect to put on your signal?   

       While I agree that this idea would eliminate that problem in theory, if people were diligent about using the signals they already had we would not need this.
blahginger, Apr 20 2003

       I have a different technology in my car. I open the sun roof, stand up and indicate with both arms waving vigorously back to front that I'm going straight.
In case the driver behind me is blind, I also yell as loudly as I can "I'M NOT TURNING" and hope they understand English.
roby, Apr 20 2003

       [blahginger]: That argument holds however many lights, signals, flags, sirens or message boards one has. If my "going straight on" signal happened to be on, does that mean that I am going straight on, or that I have forgotten to switch it off? I see people turn without showing a signal, and I see people not turn when a signal is showing. An extra signal solves nothing.
angel, Apr 20 2003

       I was going to suggest we use brain-activity sensing technology to drive a display on the back of the car to indicate which direction the driver was intending to travel, but I realized that not all drivers really know where they are going every second they are behind the wheel.   

       Perhaps we could combine GPS and mapping functions to offer the driver the best available route for his journey with appropriate signals displayed automatically when each waypoint is encountered. If we refer to bristolz's prototype technical drawing, we see the segmeted LED message board in the center of the rear of the vehicle. This will become our only signalling device, with suitable symbols displaying the intentions of our vehicle (as karamchand so eloquently puts it), such as moving arrows for turning, stop sign for stopping, upwards arrow for accelerating, etc. (including a "don't honk at me, I'm trying to park this piece of junk" message scrolling while attempting a difficult parallel parking maneuver)
Canuck, Apr 20 2003

       [klaatu] I can see why you get that a lot.
roby, Apr 21 2003

       [+] Useful in the following situation (which I often encounter): I'm walking, about to cross the street. A line of cars approaches, in a lane marked for either straight-ahead or turn. Some signal for a turn, others turn without signaling. Very few go straight ahead. If I were certain that all were going to turn, then I could cross without waiting for the light (this is true about 19 times out of 20). But straight ahead is a minor road, practically a driveway, while turn is a major road; nearly the whole line of traffic turns -- I think some drivers don't even consider that they need to signal. Does no turn-signal signal no-turn? A no-turn signal would be a courtesy.
mouseposture, Aug 18 2010

       Yes, a common problem for people who use their legs to move the pavement along a lot.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2010

//when all other cars are expected to turn//

       I think a better phrase would be "when somebody might think you're going to turn or make a lane change", ie: you're being not only polite but safety conscious.
FlyingToaster, Aug 18 2010


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