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Holy Macaroni

Macaroni blessed by the heads of various sects.
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Why should the jews have all the fun?
daseva, May 13 2010

Pastafarianism http://en.wikipedia...g_Spaghetti_Monster
or Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster [csea, May 14 2010]

Halfbakery: Canonise Charles Darwin Canonise Charles Darwin
Holy *Marconi* might be the succesful beatification of the inventor of the radio. [zen_tom, May 17 2010]

Risen. http://imgur.com/gallery/CCr0O
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 17 2011]


       Make it in the shape of a cloven hoof, with bits of pork and milk combined for a great meal!
RayfordSteele, May 13 2010

       Will there be a glutton free version for devout Celiacs?   

       That's a great addition, 2fries. However, the stuff will be full of acideity?
daseva, May 13 2010

       Eat it. It's God for you.
DrWorm, May 13 2010

       Macaroni and Jeez.
mouseposture, May 13 2010

       Noodly Appendage and Cheese.
nomocrow, May 14 2010

       What next? The Holy toast?
S-note, May 14 2010

csea, May 14 2010

       Every Good Friday we bake hot mystic symbol buns. It can get pretty obscure and creative.
pocmloc, May 14 2010

       Presumably converted into holy crap over time? Bun.
Mrlemonjelly, May 16 2010

       As long as the water-into-wine thing keeps working, that's cool.
8th of 7, May 17 2010

       Mmmm homemade mac and cheese and a muscadet.
nomocrow, May 18 2010

       It seems like this idea has more puns than buns.
DrWorm, May 19 2010

       Would you feel guilty if the noodles were cross shaped? How about with ketchup?
pppporkins, May 19 2010

       There's something fishy about this whole-food thing.
el dueno, May 19 2010


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