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Mac'N'Cheese Bar

Easier and faster macaroni and cheese
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Macaroni and cheese in a thin bread shell that you microwave. Saves you the time and effort of looking for a utensil with which to eat it.
sartep, Jun 02 2004

Take one of these http://www.strathmo....com/images/pie.jpg
fill with macaroni cheese. Hey, I'm rapping! [calum, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       It comes on a stick in the states. easy enough?
mongmaster, Jun 02 2004

       Yeah, deep fried, (blea!) as sad as this sounds my idea is the healthier option.
sartep, Jun 02 2004

       Move to the UK, where we've used our Make Do And Mend Spirit-of-the-Blitz nous to good effect and have elected to use the Scotch Pie case as a macaroni & cheese delivery system.
calum, Jun 02 2004

       sadly enough, i'd eat this. (+)
xclamp, Jun 02 2004

       Note: calum must hail from Sheepshaggersh... erm... I mean Aberdeenshire   

       mmmm.....macaroni pie and chips...(+)   

       Shame you dinnae have any broon sauce
suctionpad, Jun 02 2004

       calum is a weegie working in embra. He is most assuredly not from Aberdeenshire.
calum, Jun 03 2004

       I'll have a Cheddaroni on the rocks.
thumbwax, Jun 03 2004

       Is this like a pre-packaged frozen Hot-Pocket type product?
tchaikovsky, Jun 03 2004


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