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Ipod tape adaptor

They won't nick that...
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An empty personal tape player (from the 80's), that can be opened, and your precious Ipod secreted within.
The deluxe model could control the basic Ipod functions, with a press on the tape controls.
Anyone seeing you take it out of your pocket is hardly likely to be inspired to rob you (or at least there is less chance), and would also protect against the inevitable scratching.
Note, not recommended for use with the standard white Ipod headphones.
MikeOliver, May 17 2004

stuff that looks cheap and nasty and does not get stolen http://www.halfbake...0not_20get_20stolen
[po]'s version. Another, by [futurebird] apparently no longer exists. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

RetroPod http://www.retropod.com/
RetroPod: Shut down by Sony in September of 2004 [krelnik, Dec 24 2008]


       This is brilliant! I am tempted to go home right now and build one.   

       Odds are high I never actually will (I lack - uhm, what's the word? Oh, right - ambition) but if I do, I must remember to post pictures! =)   

       Nevermind. We've been beaten to the punch. This is baked (aside from the functional aspect, which, in my opinion, adds SO much to the idea). Check out retropod.com
pigonthewing, Jan 31 2006

       And on an almost entirely unrelated note (are we allowed to do such things?), check out the SmartDeck by Griffin. Absolutely genious. Just, wow.
pigonthewing, Jan 31 2006

       Superb idea. I have been looking for a use for my old Walkman for years! However as a vinyl Luddite can I also have an Ipod which records in analogue?
eight_nine_tortoise, Dec 23 2008

       There was someone that had planned to do this with old Sony Walkman cases, it was going to be called the RetroPod. Sony's lawyers took a dim view of it and forced him to stop. See link.
krelnik, Dec 24 2008


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