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Man eating lines

don't cross the line
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wheat is turned into flour, for bread, is produced by feeding crane between almost touching serrated / toothed rollers turning at different speeds. The same technology is used to crush / grind other things.

Imagen an art gallery obsessed with keeping the public behind the line, and away from the art! They could have a line with, faster, thinner versions of this technology embedded in it.

It would also help to stop cheating at darts.

j paul, Jun 10 2011

margarine made from Storks http://www.unilever...odbrands/Stork.aspx
...apparently [not_morrison_rm, Jun 12 2011]


       Wouldn't the dart get chewed up by the rollers?
bungston, Jun 10 2011

       I like this idea but I think that if the line were thin, then the man would not be drawn into the serrated gap, but would bounce along the surface. There must be an optimum ratio between the size of the thing to be ground to a pulp and the diameter of the roller.
pocmloc, Jun 10 2011

       The liability release form would be a work of art in itself.
mouseposture, Jun 11 2011

       i have a compulsive problem with touching art with disastrous results. there was once a exhibit at the SAM of 1000's of photographs pinned face down on a wall, and i thought you were supposed to be able to peel them back to look at the other side but you weren't. another time, I saw this canvas that was filled with an odd material, which i felt compelled to cough it turned out to be someones body. another day i walked right into the middle of a sand Mandela while being distracted by something that was being hung from the ceiling!
bob, Jun 11 2011

       Bread made from powdered wading birds?
Alterother, Jun 11 2011

       //Bread made from powdered wading birds//   

       You mean, you didn't know that? There's even Stork margarine in the UK...sealink.   

       Speaking as someone who has worked in a museum/art gallery there is no way known to man to stop members of the public from getting it wrong, that's just the way it is. And Wittgenstein backs me up on that one, I suspect....   

       Well, I say no way, there is one way...every visitor gets handcuffed to two custodians, one on the right one on the left. The custodians guide the visitor and continually point out items of interest with the arm that is handcuffed to the visitor, and to make it more annoying the custodians are of very different heights.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 12 2011

       >i walked right into the middle of a sand (Mandala)   

       Preserving them for long periods of time goes counter to the reason for making them. If anyone was offended they didn't understand the art.
Voice, Jan 03 2021

       Cattle stops(grids) with pre-processing. They look normal until stepped on, resulting in an extra green soylent green.
wjt, Jan 05 2021

       In a meditation on Derrida's notion of language as a system of differences, a man is depicted eating lines, thereby dissolving differences and causing reality itself to decline into a great sucking spiral around a sink-hole which is somehow to be recognized as another mouth. Perhaps the man is also an ouroboros.   

       Visitors may touch this if they like.
pertinax, Jan 05 2021

       True, the mind is a bottomless ouroboros, eaten by the larger entropy ouroboros before anywhere near replete.
wjt, Jan 08 2021


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