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Soft smooth house

everything is soft and smooth..(not a padded cell)
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Eliminate the touch and feel of hard textures in the home by creating and shaping everything soft and smooth, in addition have vibrant and pastel colours and lucent lighting bouncing off of positioned mirrors and tranquil calm shading.

Don't just restrict your bed and chairs,sofas etc to softness, have soft doors and windows that glide open smoothly,warm carpets and stairs that are soothing to the feel, smooth tables and appliances by applying a variety of materials and textures that are soft and smooth to the touch and eye.

Gentle water streams running smoothly under soft coloured lit glass on the floor, creating a unique environment of softness in a rich coloured illuminating ambiance throughout the home.

skinflaps, Oct 15 2002

Dung beetle egg http://www.waite.ad...raphics/Dungegg.jpg
inside a ball of dung [thumbwax, Oct 15 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Sounds a bit boring to be honest.
madradish, Oct 15 2002

       I echo the radish. I love the look, feel, and warmth of hardwood.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2002

       Dunno 'bout boring. It sounds utterly hideous to me. Like one of those institutes that they send you to when you're considered a danger to yourself.
DrBob, Oct 15 2002

       // Sounds a bit boring //   

       Unless you use it as a venue for paintball games ? Run around, dive, roll, jump, no risk of fracturing your skull on a coffee table ....   

       //like of those institutes that they send you to when you're considered a danger to yourself //   

       .. and others ? What's it like in there, Doc ? They feeding you OK ? Still having to write your letters in green crayon ? Just keep gnawing at those straps ....
8th of 7, Oct 15 2002

       I think if done well, this could be an interesting bit of interior design. Having said that, I have actually been in an upholstered living room. Yes, upholstered walls. Silvery-gray vinyl with a tone-on-tone type floral pattern as I recall. Looked like about 1" padding with a diamond pattern created by upholstery tacks. Interesting. Not attractive, but interesting.
half, Oct 15 2002

       They need you on Trading Spaces.   

       I love the thought of making home that much more comfy. Leave the hard, edgy stuff to those who can handle it. I just wanna cuddle up and be cozy.
XSarenkaX, Oct 15 2002


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