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Freenet like concept based on erlang OTP
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A true p2p network based on erlang OTP, Concepts similar to freenet (http://freenet.org) .. but utilizing erlang's native distributed computing capabilities .. distributed hash, name resolution, fault tolerance.. on top of that, can be compiled to quite a few platforms.

One could ask, why not just augment freenet. One probably could, but freenet already has established protocols..

lapax, Apr 29 2007

Wikipedia: Erlang (programming language) http://en.wikipedia...ramming_language%29
A nice introduction that touches on many of Erlang's features. [jutta, Apr 29 2007]


       A bun for distributed hash, especialy if it's free. [+]
nuclear hobo, Apr 29 2007

       A good idea, maybe (a lot of people I know really love Erlang), but not a new halfbakery invention, given that all the ingredients exist, and that one of them is a programming language specifically for distributed applications.   

       I mean, what are you going to do in the afternoon?
jutta, Apr 29 2007

       I was thinking of inventing a strict new, rigid command language and calling it gibbereich.
xenzag, Apr 29 2007

       I was going to have a beer. Wanna come?
methinksnot, Apr 29 2007

       //what are you going to do in the afternoon?//   

       ha! [marked-for-tagline]
pertinax, Apr 30 2007


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