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no spill urinal

Ball shaped Urinal to contain pee
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Imagine a football sized porcelain ball, attached to a flexible stalk. THis is nounted on the ground . Cut a 4 inch diameter hole into the top. To use, stand directly over it, and pull it towards the genitals until the business end is directly in the hole, then pee. Up market versions could include a warm water spray for washing up, and a warm air dryer to avoid those annoying drips.
senatorjam, Oct 02 2007


       oooooh, flexible stalk. are you sure about this?
po, Oct 02 2007

       Well, if not exactly flexible, something like those umbrella covers, with different size tubes sliding itside each other.
senatorjam, Oct 02 2007

       And how long is this thing going to last with a bunch of gorillas kicking it into place. Also I am not letting my bits get that close to a bit of bacterial growth medium that twenty other guys have been rubbing their bits across in the last hour alone.   

       A lot of guys will just stand back a foot and try to hit the hole.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 02 2007

       This is for home use....
senatorjam, Oct 02 2007

       Ah, in that case I withdraw my bone.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 02 2007

       (so to speak...)
lostdog, Oct 02 2007

       How about an electrospray urinal? Electrospray is used as a means of spraying a very fine jet of liquid from a nozzle by electrostatic repulsion. Basically, you put a huge voltage on the liquid, and it tries to get away from itself by forming a pointy cone and ejecting very tiny and very highly charged droplets therefrom.   

       So, just have a platform in front of the urinal, connected to a van der Grraaff generator. To ensure the droplets (which will be a very fine mist) go the right way, apply the opposite charge to the urinal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2007

       [MB] You are NOT connecting a high voltage cathode there. No. Just No.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 02 2007

       That's the point - you don't need to. Just stand on the platform (you may have to remove rubber footwear). Also, the risk of a direct stream-mediated conduction between yourself (at + Hwaan kV) and the urinal (at - Hwaan kV - or vice versa) is negligible: the stream breaks up into very tiny droplets, which will themselves break up into even smaller droplets; hence, no short circuit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2007

       /You want me to stick my WHAT in WHERE!?/   

       /You mean touch it? Ewww!!!!!!/   

       Sorry I just wanted to preserve those comments in case you delete your anno.
Texticle, Oct 02 2007

       +1 I think I would like guys to stick their dumbsticks in this.
po, Oct 02 2007

       Well as long a THis is nounted properly I guess its ok.   

       One could always avoid spills just by sitting instead of standing.
bnip, Oct 03 2007

       Unless you have morning glory, in which case it's best to do a handstand.
theleopard, Oct 03 2007

       I'd be tempted to put a bunch of flowers into it.
skinflaps, Oct 03 2007

       [MB] - I had to struggle not to laugh out loud at your "electrospray urinal" - it needs posting as a separate idea.
hippo, Oct 03 2007

       Except for the take your shoes off bit. (being one of the stand back and try to hit ther hole types myself)
the dog's breakfast, Oct 03 2007

       [Hippo]: done.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2007


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