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Home/Office Wheelchair

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This may sound strange, but the computer chair in my home office is actually a wheelchair - though I have no actual disability. I picked it up from a friend of mine for exactly the purpose it now serves.

Not only is it comfortable, but I can wheel about the office collecting things i need and if I feel a bit peckish, I can go and make a sandwhich without leaving my chair. On a few occasions I have wheeled out to get the mail to my neighbours confusion, and sometimes I wait on the street corner for my girlfriend to get home from work and she quickly wheels me back inside.

I suggest redesigning and marketing the wheelchair for home/office use for people without disablities.

benfrost, Jun 01 2001

(?) Wheelchairs make me fit http://www.geocitie...ESSbrisnewspic.html
[benfrost, Jun 01 2001]

Toyota i-Real http://www2.toyota....y/i-real/index.html
[DrBob, Sep 24 2009]


       ...just out of curiousity....how many pounds (or kilos) overweight would you say you are?
Susen, Jun 01 2001

       <slightly off topic>Ya know, I went to jail for a day for stealing a wheelchair. That was not fun.</slightly off topic>
AfroAssault, Jun 01 2001

       ....OK....OK...I'll ask: WHY did you steal a wheelchair???? (more importantly, did you blow it up?)
Susen, Jun 01 2001

       Oh my god. benfrost, if you're as lazy as that, why don't you just have your girlfriend bring sandwiches to you? Maybe if you eat enough and don't get any exercise you'll become diabetic and have to have your legs amputated. Then you'll have a reason to stay in your wheelchair all the time.   

       Besides, this is completely baked. Pretty much every office chair has wheels on it. They're just smaller. (Casters, actually.)   

       Having said that, what sort of redesign would a wheelchair need for the office? Cupholders?
ejs, Jun 01 2001

       Susen - see link for a picture of my beautiful wheelchair buff body.
benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       ejs - the redesign for corporate use, would have company logo, stationery holders, phone/headset, wheelchair palm pilot and flip your wig key on arm rest.
benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       ...finally, a photo of the man who brought us "Vagina-Jam".....
Susen, Jun 01 2001

       Build a computer under the seat with a flat screen display and keyboard on fold away or retractable mountings (and a desktop like flat surface), add a phone, a decent pile of batteries (or and extension cord) and you can dispense with the office entirely.
sirrobin, Jun 01 2001

       encase it in a perspex bubble - with a reclining function for sleep and we can all live a nomadic existence!
benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       [Susen]: Notice that it says 'not afraid to tackle serious issues'. It fails to mention trivial issues.
angel, Jun 01 2001

       trivial? how dare you! this is my life's work.   

       choose your weapon
benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       Your life's work is one thirtieth of your output? Says a lot about the rest :-)
angel, Jun 01 2001

       Thanks a lot angel.
benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       If everybody were allowed to use wheelchairs it would make it a less stigma and people who really need to use a wheelchair would be better accepted.
Pellepeloton, Oct 25 2006


They're slowly getting there, ben. Now if they would just add a large parasol, automatic navigation via GPS, a teasmaid and a gaming console, I might consider buying one.
DrBob, Sep 24 2009


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