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Internet Recliner

Recline on-line.
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If they can make a La-Z-Boy with a beer fridge under one arm, then this one ought to be easy.

Adapt a conventional reclining chair (like the kind grandad has in front of the TV) to house you computer & peripherals. Put the tower case under the left arm, the printer under the seat, and either get one of those suspension arms for your monitor or install a flat-screen that swings up like a tray on an airplane from the arm of the chair. Pop a track ball in the right or left arm (depending on the user, of course), mount the keyboard on a kind of 'breakfast-in-bed' tray to rest across both arms, and run all the wires out the back to their appropriate recepticals (power, telephone, ethernet point, stereo &c.) - if you wanted to get fancy I suppose you could even keep CD-ROMs and such in a compartment under the other arm. But in any case, forget that ergonomic Ikea Special - kick your feet up in an absurdly overstuffed armchair whilst perusing the 'bakery.

(Next time I see a likely candidate in a charity shop, I think I'll do it - let you know how the venture works out.)

waistcoat, Sep 03 2002

Buy 'em here http://www.mossonline.com
Though, somewhat inappropriately, you cannot see the Internet chair on their site. (I link to it because it is either insanely cool or insanely useless, depending on your point of view). [DrCurry, Sep 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

SeatSale: License to Sit http://wearcam.org/seatsale/
After you see DrCurry's insanely cool link, see this one [thumbwax, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) the electric chair internet terminals http://www.electricchair.ca/terminals/
It costs you just the space of one small table. [thumbwax, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) No... http://weather.netw.../images/etoile1.jpg
I am not addicted [thumbwax, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) CD Storage http://www.nj2k.co....work/reclinercd.jpg
A visual aid to my idea for integration of CD storage [NickTheGreat, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Cafine Machine http://www.pimprig....iewarticle&artid=72
If its not baked, these people will probably bake it soon enough [namaste, Sep 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       waistcoat, this is a fine idea. We could conceivably cram the b/2's entire backlog of ideas into this one: the USB 5 1/4 inch hotplate, watercooled furniture, fluid-cooled processors, sporks... shit, we could even give it wheels, a truck harpoon, and a car hat...
General Washington, Sep 03 2002

       This is Baked. Moss (store in Soho) had just such a thing for years. I'll see if I can find a link.
DrCurry, Sep 03 2002

       BAKED?! Oh bugger... guess I'll have to work for a living instead of sitting in my Internet Recliner all day. But Ihave a lots of hopes riding on my idea for electricity passed through a thin piece of tungsten... but can't say more 'til I get to the patent office.   

       Durn. thought that was my idea. :(
waistcoat, Sep 03 2002

       You get my vote just through the simple fact that it was a kick ass idea, even if it's already baked.
kaz, Sep 03 2002

       I truly believe that [DrCurry], if properly provoked, would make up a website and photoshop an image to call even the most original of ideas baked.
BinaryCookies, Sep 04 2002

DrCurry, Sep 04 2002

       We have sort-of baked this as mentioned in a different thread. The "main" chair is a big swivel armchair with lots of integrated features; an IR keyboard with built in trackball that swings round on an arm, lighting controls, pad for the all-in-one remote that controls the entertainment systems, speakerphone etc. and speakers mounted just behind the headrest. It works well. Visitors are impressed, or at least, lost for words .... we think they're impressed ..... not exactly sure ....
8th of 7, Sep 04 2002

       CDs could be stored in the headrest (the sort that is rounded and protrudes slightly). Simply lift the padded bit to reveal a load of CDs sitting in little grooves.
See link for a little visual aid...
NickTheGreat, Sep 04 2002

NickTheGreat, Sep 04 2002


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