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Flying Buttrest

seat that folds into a wall; set near telephone, in kitchen
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A seat attached to a solid but springy metal support that can be pulled out from the wall to add seating space but avoid the clutter of extra chairs. Underside of seat can be painted as wall decor. Variation 2: a swing (supported by 2 chains) that drops down from the ceiling for the same purpose.
obscuresttourist, Aug 05 2008

Pivoting_20Parental_20Misericord [pertinax, Aug 05 2008]

NEJAB? Bee-Releasing_20Jam-Filled_20Banjo_20Leg
A banjo what? [Zimmy, Aug 06 2008]

Bake-ed http://www.wallchai.../gallery/index.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 07 2008]

Bee-Releasing Jam Filled Banjo Leg http://web.archive....illed_20Banjo_20Leg
It's ok, [theleopard]. We have the technology. We can rebuild it. [Jinbish, Aug 07 2008]

Misericord http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misericord
For crumbling holy men [squeak, Aug 07 2008]


       Like those commonly found on public transport?
(Welcome to the HB, by the way!)
Jinbish, Aug 05 2008

       They should have these along building walls on the sidewalk, especially where lines grow long, e.g. around theaters.
phundug, Aug 05 2008

       20 years ago I would have wanted this next to the phone, but the advent of cordless phone makes the mentioned purpose a little moot, but it is handy to have an extra chair sometimes, if you have the wall space.
MisterQED, Aug 05 2008

       You don't need wall space, it is a *FLYING* buttrest. It is just a case of NEJAB.
4whom, Aug 05 2008

       That required some searching to get a handle on...
normzone, Aug 06 2008

       clicking, fck! clicking on NEJAB...
po, Aug 06 2008

       psst! I searched for NEJAB but was pointed back to the 1/2B on some idea about magnetic bees or something. I still don't get it.
Zimmy, Aug 06 2008

       From a [theleopard] anno: " I wasn't quite thinking along the lines of abbreviations and acronyms, although I like NEJAB (as in "Better luck next time <lightly JABs [inventors]'s NE"
normzone, Aug 06 2008

       The flying buttrest is the exact opposite of the flying buttress, in that it tends to collapse the wall rather than support it. Especially if many flying buttrests are supporting many American buttocks, which tend to be gravitationally advantaged.
ldischler, Aug 07 2008

       Unfortunately, the NEJAB thing was first coined by [Anathema Device] whose account has since imploded. Simply means, "Not Enough Jam And Bees."   

       The banjo leg idea is one of the most sorely inflicted victims of the Swiss Cheese effect, with [Anathema] and [Bigsleep] (both big contributors to the thread) deleting their accounts and [jhomrighaus] deleting his own annos.
theleopard, Aug 07 2008

       <excerpt from NEJABian Rhapsody>...
I see a little silhouetto of a man, scaramoosh scaramoosh, it's a bee and jam banjo.
Thunderbolts and lightning, condiments are frightening me!
Bees, not jam, has a devil put aside for meee...
Fig rolls!

       Mssrs [zen_tom], [theleopard], [marklar], [TheLightsAreOnBut], [AbsintheWithOutLeave].   

Jinbish, Aug 07 2008

       A misericord by another name?   

squeak, Aug 07 2008

       Interesting, squeak. I always thought a misericord was a kind of dagger. Wonder where I got that idea from?
lostdog, Aug 07 2008

       // kind of dagger//
Jinbish, Aug 07 2008

       Reminds one of the eccentric genius of Geoffrey Pyke, who, frustrated with furniture on floors suggested it all be suspended from the ceiling.
jellydoughnut, Aug 08 2008

       //I always thought a misericord was a kind of dagger. //   

       It is - it's mediaeval irony. (See the annotations to my link).
pertinax, Aug 10 2008


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