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Homeopathic Management Consultants

Hardly doing anything
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Homeopathy advocates as treatment a high dilution of subtances that would cause the same symptoms the patient is trying to cure.

The Homeopathic Management Consultants likewise will diagnose what is wrong with your organisation before recommending as treatment a diluted form of what is wrong. For example HMC might see the need for drastic cost-cutting. They will then either amend a stationery order, replacing an order for a pack of pens for a pack fractionally more expensive, or change one of your standard document templates, making a margin 0.1mm wider, resulting in a few more pages of paper per year being used by your office workers.
hippo, Apr 28 2003


       To be true to how many homeopathic "remedies" are actually formulated, the modified stationery order in your example would have to increase the cost by an amount that would be statistically extremely unlikely to result in any additional actual expenditure at all.
beauxeault, Apr 28 2003

       Even better. And the fees are nominal.
k_sra, Apr 28 2003

       [beauxeault] Fair point - even if I'm not sure at the moment how that would be done.
[k_sra] No! The fees are much, much more!
[UB] erm.....
hippo, Apr 28 2003

       One of the key points in homeopathy is "succussion", by which is achieved "potentization". Succussion is basically shaking the ingredient back and forth, a _lot_. I can see how this could easily done with a pen but am not sure what the analagous route to potentization would be for an order.
bungston, Apr 28 2003

       And if the organisation's problem is a hideous dependency on consultants...?   

       [Bungs] - get the consultants to run around the office really fast.
whimsickle, Apr 29 2003

thumbwax, Apr 29 2003

FarmerJohn, Apr 29 2003


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