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Pet Poltergeist

Your own personal ghost in a bottle
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The pet poltergeist lives in a small glass bottle which also contains a stone. Shake the bottle, and the ghost wakes up and starts throwing the stone around; put the bottle back down and he will go to sleep, and the stone remains at the bottom.

Sell 'em by the truckload to the same people who buy healing crystals and shamanic totems. Remember to warn them not to remove the stopper!

Wrongfellow, Oct 15 2007


       You should include tiny furniture as well.
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       [Wrongfellow], you could sell anything, i swear. +
k_sra, Oct 15 2007

       I laughed. (This is in no way an endorsement for anything)!   

       Great category.
blissmiss, Oct 15 2007

       Shakes head, and small stone falls out of ear... I have no idea why I thought of that. +
xenzag, Oct 15 2007

       What if the stone gets thrown too hard and breaks the bottle?
xandram, Oct 15 2007

       Probably not much, I'd guess.
lostdog, Oct 15 2007

grza, Oct 15 2007

       methinks, broken glass...
xandram, Oct 15 2007

       A pet poltergeist with a pet stone? How silly is that. Now if it had a pet rock, then you would have something.
RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2007

       Sounds more like a pet rock scheme to me. And make the rock a sphere magnet so a coil can always repel it and have it inside the rock.
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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