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Method of bulk painting of Aeroplanes

No other method is faster.
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1. Select your paint.

2. Select your brush (You need only one).

3. Go to the aerodrome and wait till the airplane has taken off and is high in the sky.

4. When it is small enough, dip your brush in the paint, and swipe it over the 'plane. Once.

5. You're done.

neelandan, Aug 14 2007

The conventional method http://exp-aircraft...xande/painting.html
... is expensive, time consuming or both. [neelandan, Aug 14 2007]

The conventional method, image http://www.airliner...pen.file/1179767/L/
Photoshop a bow on that sucker and call it a birthday present [lurch, Aug 14 2007]

Echo Method_20for_20Bulk...of_20Window_20Panes
... Echo [neelandan, Aug 16 2007]

Would work in this game https://www.google....ed+perspective+game
[notexactly, Nov 09 2015]


       We should definitely put this idea in perspective...
theleopard, Aug 14 2007

       ...and then I will squish his head...   

       <extends arm and repeatedly flattens neelandan's head between thumb and index finger while squinting with one eye>   

       How do you avoid painting the windows?
ldischler, Aug 14 2007

       // How do you avoid painting the windows?//
...just use a Q-tip with a little nail polish remover to wipe them clean. +
xandram, Aug 14 2007

       or wait til the plane is larger and go over each window with a lick of see-through paint.
it's a stick, Aug 14 2007

       I don't think this is magic. It's an artistical interpretation.
xandram, Aug 14 2007

       Well, the idea might scrape by because of the category choice, but it's going to scrape the paint off on that side.   

       I was expecting flying the airplanes through a sprayed cloud of paint.
normzone, Aug 14 2007

       Me too [normzone], I was imagining somehow creating a large cloud of paint vapour.
theleopard, Aug 14 2007

       I disagree with Step 5 in the instructions - once the plan flies past the paintbrush you're no longer done, and need to repeat steps 4 and 5. Clearly some sort of robotic radar arm needs to be invented to follow the plane.
phundug, Aug 14 2007

       And all birds and FOB's get stuck and dry with the paint to the plane....   

       I may be off base, but I don't think this idea would ever work.
evilpenguin, Aug 14 2007

       hey, no problem, I never even checked the category. I just thought is was sooo halfbaked, I loved it. It could work if one was painting planes on a clear plastic sheet pasted to a window in the aerodrome.
xandram, Aug 14 2007

       I didn't realize this was an echo (echo((echo(((echo))))))))
k_sra, Aug 15 2007

       Father Ted (holding up a toy cow):
"This cow: small..."
(pointing out of the window)
"That cow: far away..."

       Father Dougal (shaking head):
"No, sorry Ted, I don’t get it can you show me again?"
wagster, Aug 16 2007

       Gee why not move the plane though a giant air brush room?
travbm, Oct 29 2015

       Gee, why not just post "I don't get it" on every idea in the HB?
lurch, Nov 09 2015


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