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Homing Truckle

Alternative cheese delivery method
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Skewer the centre of the cheese with a bar. On either end of the bar put a fan. Run both fans to propel the cheese straight, or cut one off to turn corners. Include some control into which you can program a route from cheesemonger to delivery destination. Perfect for the modern lazy cheese eater, who wants more than just 'tapped' cheese.
mcscotland, Apr 14 2002

Alternative http://www.halfbake.../idea/Cheese_20taps
for soft cheese [mcscotland, Apr 14 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Cheese puffer
thumbwax, Apr 14 2002

       intercontinental cheese cannon
spartanica, Apr 14 2002

       Oh, ok! Not the *best* of ideas, I'll admit. I just wanted to use the words "cheesemonger" and "truckle" in post.
mcscotland, Apr 14 2002

       this reinforces the fact that english is not english everywhere. even after looking up both words I am still not entirely convinced what the idea is about. self propelled cheese?
rbl, Apr 14 2002

       <note> [rbl] looked up alternative and method; and you know what his spelling is like.
po, Apr 14 2002

       for the record: spelling is good, typing is not! and truckle is some sort of small roller bed thing?
rbl, Apr 14 2002

       big round cheese. whoops thats the truckle, not you rbl.
po, Apr 14 2002

       you'd have to mark 'cheese lanes' in all the roads to prevent them being run over
chud, Apr 14 2002

       You cheeky woman po, my spelling is *perfect* in this post. Now write out a hundred time: "Well-formed mark-up languages always have closing tags."
mcscotland, Apr 14 2002

       I was referring to rbl's spelling, my dear mcscotland, tis well known that the scots are better educated and have a finer accent than the English!
po, Apr 14 2002

       ....and if we are being pedantic, there is no need for a comma before the conjunctive - or.
po, Apr 14 2002

       [po]'s knuckle rapping gets a croissant.   

       I'd rather the cheese were launched like a discus then landed on a spindle. (Ha! Knuckle, discus, spindle. Top that!)
phoenix, Apr 14 2002

thumbwax, Apr 14 2002

       Stick it to a truckle or two of soft french cheese, and just let it drift home on the bries...
goff, Apr 15 2002

       How about a monstrous, green, smelly truckle...Gorgonzilla?
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2002


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