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Sarcastic Horn

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The horn we have on our cars is an angry horn. But, sometimes, you just have to honk to say "Uh-uh, yea, nice one" in a sarcastic tone. This is why our cars need a second horn- the sarcastic horn. not so much as a "beep-beep" but a "deeeuuuuughe" sound.


       copy cat
waxingpoetic, Dec 24 2002

       You'll still be using the horn in moments of anger, so what you really want is a horn that better reflects the way you express your feelings. As such, I'll take the "passive-aggressive" horn, which makes no discernible noise at the time someone cuts me up, but resonates through the target car with "Tch!" and explosive sighs for the next two hours.   

       For you, though, perhaps an, "Oh, thank you, I'm so glad you chose the lane to my right at the lights, indicated right, and turned left in front of me. Thank you very much," horn would work, though it is a tad specific, so in fact I'll leave you with your, "deeeuuuuughe".   

       There is of course the technicality that you really shouldn't be using your horn in anger in the first place, but I'll let it slide.
friendlyfire, Dec 24 2002

       im sorry waxingpoetic, i didnt know that you did the same idea.   

       how about a horn that is intelligent enough to know what your intent is, and if your motivation is anger, it gives you 220v back at cha
bushman, Dec 24 2002

       How about multiple buttons for different sounds, perhaps using an expandable digital memory?   

       As it is, my car's horn says, "Uh, excuse me, don't mind me, sorry!"
landruc, Dec 25 2002

       How about a "Get your leg off my stick shift" horn (internal only).
egbert, Dec 25 2002

       How about an anamorphic paint job that changes with your mood. No rude sounds necessary, and when that out of towner cuts you off, (s)he sees a fiery ball of color speeding towards his/her bumper. (This could be baked, I'm too lazy to look)
colaaddict, Dec 25 2002


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