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Hot Water Flush Toilet

Slightly more sanitary, plus...
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To flush a toilet with hot water, we need a water heater near the toilet. The typical toilet tank might qualify, if it was suitably insulated. Other types of toilet depend on normal water-pipe pressure, and for that style of toilet we would need some sort of flash-heating system.

If the water was near its boiling point when flushed, many bacteria will get killed by that hot water. Also, since hot water can dissolve more stuff than cold water, the insides of the drain-plumbing leading to the sewer system should be a bit cleaner. This could be an important point when thinking about how your water company wants you to buy insurance to cover cost of clearing an underground clog on "your side" of the system.

Vernon, Jun 10 2016

S.H.I.T.T for short. Hot_20water_20toile...2eH_2eI_2eT_2eT_2e)
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 10 2016]


       If I remember correctly this did not go over well when I posted it.
Yep... [link]

       // Other types of toilet depend on normal water-pipe pressure// Almost no toilet (unless you count a urinal) relies on input pressure, even the ones you think do, don't. It is all about the siphon. Whether by gravity or by vacuum (same thing really in this case). But the introduction of increased temperature in the input is a good idea, if you like volatile "oils" like indoles and skatoles wafting through your house, like.
4whom, Jun 11 2016

       [2 fries], I see your version of this Idea is in the "Hygiene" category while mine is in the "flush" category, and both are about flushes...so now you know why I didn't see yours when I decided to post mine.   

       I'm assuming most of the hot water would go down the drain, not evaporate, so I'm not expecting odors to be any worse than normal for a restroom.   

       Let me know if my Idea's focus is too close to yours, since part of this here is about keeping your section of the underground pipes cleaner....
Vernon, Jun 11 2016

       It's all good.   

       We can't be too careful when heating farticulates.   

       A cup of vinegar does a good job. Give it a chance to work over night.
popbottle, Jun 12 2016

       That's a lot of energy to be literally flushing down the toilet. Quite wasteful, when there are many other ways to clean/maintain the loo.
sophocles, Jun 13 2016


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