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Hot Flushes

could it be this simple
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With all the water conservation requirements, sometimes my toilet has touble flushing stuff down. I have found that pouring hot water into the toilet bowl is usually enough to get the stuff down.

Instead of refilling the toilet with a cold tap, fill it with a hot tap. For simple flushes, this won't matter much, but if a nasty load is taking 3 or 4 flushes to send down, the water will get progressively hotter(the second flush will mostly be warming the piping up), and therefore more effective at washing the stuff down.

Madai, Jan 21 2005

Incinolet http://www.incinolet.com/
A really, really hot flush. [tiromancer, Jan 22 2005]

(?) Self Heating Insulated Toilet Tank. S_2eH_2eI_2eT_2eT_2e
shitt for short [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 22 2005]


       Interesting. I guess the question is, which takes more energy - heating water so it cleans better, or recycling the water that would be saved by the faster cleaning?
jutta, Jan 21 2005

       True--and the other thing to keep in mind is that it would use hot water on every flush, whether the hot water made it to the toilet or not--most of the time the hot water just comes out of the heater and gets cooled in the plumbing, and the water heater gets a new shot of cold water it has to heat up.   

       Maybe just have a second inlet into the bowl that, instead of coming from the toilet tank, comes from a little on-demand water heater sitting next to the toilet.
Etymon, Jan 21 2005

       This would also have the advantage that when you flush the toilet, it pulls most of the cold water out of the pipes, so when you turn on the water faucet you get hot water much sooner...   

       One problem would be that the first flush is always cold (unless someone else used the toilet recently), and the second flush is also probably cold because the tank was refilled with water that had cooled in the plumbing. But whenever the water in the pipes is not cold for whatever reason, the tank refills wih hot water and just sits there. Hot water, cooling to room temperature in an unsealed environments seems like it could encourage the growth of mold.   

       But what if you created a toilet that was normally empty. When you press the flush lever, it fills the tank then flushes rather than flushing the tank then refilling. The first flush would use up the cold water in the pipes. If a second flush was needed, it would be hot.
scad mientist, Jan 21 2005

       First define 'stuff'.
"Stuff!, You know!, Shit!"
Sorry, was anyone else having a Cheech & Chong moment?.
gnomethang, Jan 21 2005

       is this a police raid? you know! everything down the pan?
po, Jan 21 2005

       //what if you created a toilet that was normally empty//   

       I think that the water serves important functions before flushing, such as keeping the air clearer.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       you should try more fiber in your diet
benfrost, Jan 22 2005


       Quite right about the fiber, [benfrost].
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       Dang, [benfrost], that's was gonna be my line!
Mustardface, Jan 23 2005


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