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Hot Water Sleeping Bag

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You know how you get so cold in sleeping bags when you are camping? Well here's the solution. A hot water sleeping bag.

Over your campfire at night you boil water. The bottom of your sleeping bag has a plastic liner. You put the water in there and you'll be toasty warm all night.

treetop, Mar 08 2010

A Dutch Teacup Approach... http://www.uncrate....r/outdoor/dutchtub/
Solve two camping problems with one product, staying warm at night and getting clean, using this portable hot tub. [jurist, Mar 08 2010]


       A leaky air mattress is bad enough :-)   

       If there was enough insulation it could work. I've seen water stay hot in an Igloo cooler for 24 hours. And I've heated rocks and buried them under my sleeping bag. I've also dug a trench, built a fire in it, then buried the coals and slept on it. Can you tell I don't like to freeze?
normzone, Mar 08 2010

       I like it. [+] the idea of heating the area under the tent and getting some hot water ready for a morning shower.
FlyingToaster, Mar 08 2010

       21, who said anything about clearances? That's a pompous supposition.
+ for the idea and it inspired me to post my own... I think to myself: this idea is not about keeping yourself from feeling cold whilst camping, like the other bags. This idea is about melting your body into a state of gooey humanity whilst camping.
daseva, Mar 08 2010

       I've gone camping without getting cold in my sleeping bag -- what temperature use is yours rated for?
goldbb, Mar 08 2010

       A larger version of those glove-warming sachets would be the thing, shirley ?
8th of 7, Mar 08 2010

       I like the Dutch Teacup approach. <link>
jurist, Mar 08 2010

       No warm body in sight, a good substitute. +
blissmiss, Mar 08 2010

       hello treetop - welcome to hb.
po, Mar 08 2010

       Ha, 21 Quest it doesn’t mater what sleeping bag you have when you first get in you are going to be cold. Look on my profile page
treetop, Mar 09 2010

       Would this also heat the zipper? I just hate it when I'm snug in my sleeping bag and when I move I ghet the ice cold zipper on my thy, brrrr.
zeno, Mar 09 2010

       Hello there treetop!! I like your idea and it's so nice to see you here at the halfbakery!! +
xandram, Mar 09 2010

       ...[background, the sound track of Star Trek]...treetop, the next generation of bakers has indeed arrived...
blissmiss, Mar 09 2010

       Welcome, child of 2fries < bows >   

       A worthy beginning. Take not these queries to heart: the original post is often a starting point of a long discussion of ways the invention may be improved or modified.   

       Here's my concern: the water will get your sleeping bag nice and warm to begin with, but later in the night, after it cools, it will act as an efficient thermal transfer pad between your body and the ground - unless it is well insulated from the ground as well.   

       Have you ever slept on a waterbed with the heating element switched off? Waking up with hypothermia is most unpleasant.   

       I rather prefer the old fashioned approach of a hot water bottle myself - when it's cold you simply ditch it out of the sleeping bag. Or a sealed, fireproof container with a few coals from the fire in it - leave in sleeping bag for a few minutes, remove, climb in.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 19 2010


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