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Hot whisky toddy from the comfort of your sick bed
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One week into the University term, I find I have succumbed to one of the many assorted cold viruses the unwashed masses of the undergraduate population have brought to Bristol from their homes across the country.

I'm feeling pretty rubbish and frankly can't face getting out of bed. The only medication worth taking is a nice hot toddy with whiskey, honey and a squeeze of lemon juice (for the vitamin C obv). Unfortunately the kettle is down two flights of stairs and I'm feeling far too pathetic to go far. I could lie here and moan until [jonthegeologist] hears and feels sorry for me, but it could be a long wait.

What is needed here is the Hottoddysmade. Similar in design to the Teasmade much beloved of grannies and maiden aunts, but containing a whisky reservoir, honey and lemon dispenser and and kettle to automatically add the hot water. The deluxe model would incorporate a drawer for storing Jaffa cakes, chocolate chip cookies and Tunes.

hazel, Jan 14 2004

A "must have" for all Grandmothers - The Teasmade http://cnb-host1.cl...ll&prodCategoryID=3
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]


       A sympathy bun in addition to a bun for the great idea. I know the cold/flu can be pretty bad.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 14 2004

       you get my croissant too..;) I always like the ideas that come from being lazy...;)
babyhawk, Jan 14 2004

       awwww.. get better soon. I use my esspresso maker for alot of simaler things... it stays next to my bed at all times.
catch23, Jan 14 2004

       Funny - I always thought it was a "Teasmaid". But then I've never seen it written down before. Similarly, a friend of mine laboured for years under the delusion that "grapefruit" were actually called "greatfruit". He really liked them.   

       Get well soon, by the way.
lostdog, Jan 14 2004

       Assuming that freeze dried lemon juice is OK, you can install containers with all ingredients in the base of a night stand and keep them there. A little faucet sticks out the top of the stand for dispensing. Unlike tea nothing has to steep for extended periods so hot steam could be used, like the foam maker on an espresso machine. It will be faster and you get more whiskey, less water.
kbecker, Jan 14 2004

       "More whiskey, less water" . Ok, count me in (cough, cough)
normzone, Jan 14 2004

       I suppose you could always just use lemsip powder (honey + lemon flavoured cold remedy drink) for even more convenience (bleurgh).   

       I always thought teasmades were bloody useless. You still have to move an arm to get the tea yourself.   

       Just get an extra kettle for your room (or snaffle the one from the halls kitchen and practice your innocent look).   

       By the way, the wave of colds and similar illnesses which occur at the beginning of every semester when germs from all over the world congregate on various campi is known as "Fresher's Flu".   

       Get well soon.
squeak, Jan 15 2004

       This idea incorporates laziness, being in bed and booze. What more could one want?! (+)
Jinbish, Jan 15 2004

       I'm fascinated by this Teasmade thing. I particularly like the photo frame on the front.
waugsqueke, Jan 15 2004

       It is indeed Fresher's Flu [squeak]. It's just rather annoying that I'm not a fresher, and haven't been for *mumble* years - I'm teaching the little darlings and this is what I get as a reward. I'm thinking about installing a biofilter in my office, between the desk and the door. They can stay the other side until they've gone through quarantine.   

       And yes, [gray], it's addiction.
hazel, Jan 15 2004

       Both sets of grandparents had the same make and model of teasmade- same colour, even. Maybe they were presents from my parents.   

       Operation was simple. You filled the kettle the night beforehand, and put the required number of spoonfuls of tea into the pot. In the morning, at the appointed time, the thing would switch on with a loud click, and there would follow all the hissing, roaring and popping noises associated with a stainless steel kettle heating up on a hotplate. As the water boiled, the steam would be forced espresso-like through a tube into the teapot, until the kettle was dry. After all this brouhaha had died away, the tea was allowed to steep for a couple of minutes.   

       And then, just as the silence was absolute and peace had returned, an enormously loud buzzer would sound.   

       After getting up, of course, there was all the paraphernalia of clearing away the cups and cleaning out the teapot, which had to be bone dry in order not to spoil the tea overnight. After living with this one weekend a month and two weeks a year throughout childhood, I am a firm believer in the merits of the Teabag.
egbert, Jan 15 2004

       My parents' Teasmade set itself off one evening when I was in the house by myself. Scared the wotsits out of me.   

       I did hear that the EU was banning their production because it's apparently dangerous to have boiling water in a bedroom.
hazel, Jan 15 2004

       As well as copper sulphate solution, I hear.</"Water Light" reference>
Worldgineer, Jan 15 2004

       As I said [tsuka] no point lying here and moaning because [jtg] won't even hear me! And he moans much worse than me.
hazel, Jan 17 2004

       Only because men don't know *real* pain. Not that I've had a baby yet, but I've suffered some pretty nasty paper cuts.
hazel, Jan 17 2004

       Did you have an epidural or something?
hazel, Jan 17 2004

       ....with a port in it. Mmmmm.....Guinness and Port!
gnomethang, Jan 17 2004

       //Well, my wife and I have had three babies. And I never even whimpered//   

       of course not, you weren't passing a child through your sensitive area now were you, you were just getting her nails dug into yur hand, that is all....;)
babyhawk, Jan 17 2004


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