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am/pm Teasmade

Hot drink in the morning, hot water bottle at night
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Making a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast and filling a hot water bottle before you go to bed are both things that require hot water, and if you live a regular life they are things which must be done at the same time each day.

The British have long enjoyed the Teasmade, a Halfbakery-worthy machine combining kettle and alarm clock that automatically makes a cup of tea in the morning and then awakens you. What if we added to this another alarm, and used it to fill a hot water bottle in the evening? You would simply plug in your bottle earlier in the day, and at the specified bed time the water would boil and fill the bottle. And after a warm night's sleep, your tea would be ready as ever in the morning.

(One possible attachment would be the extension hose, which allows the bottle to be filled while it lies in your bed, although I'm not sure if this would be practical.)

kropotkin, Mar 30 2004


       This would be even more elegant if it somehow reused the hot water bottle water for the tea. Or not.
DrCurry, Mar 30 2004

       "Halfbakery-worthy" preexisting devices -- something we all like to see.
dpsyplc, Mar 30 2004


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