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Intravenous Coffee Alarm

Grind beans, pour water on them, pump into blood
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Set the night before, simply connect the IV drip to your arm before sleeping.

Fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off, warm coffee is fed to you so that waking up is far easier.

mitxela, Feb 18 2010


       Deadly poisonous [+]
pocmloc, Feb 18 2010

       Personally I think this would work wonders for those who have trouble waking up in the morning.
mitxela, Feb 19 2010

       ick, sounds deadly, I like to taste my morning brew.
dentworth, Feb 19 2010

       Having a timed coffee brewer right in the bedroom, with an easy-to-drink-from carafe/cup, would be a lot more sanitary, and less likely to get tangled up in. Smell the coffee, grope for the handle, and wake yourself up by pouring scalding liquid on your chest.   

       I fellow I used to know would set his alarm for fifteen minutes before he wanted to wake up, put a couple of happy pills and a glass of water by the bed, and just have to wake up enough to swallow the pills.
baconbrain, Feb 19 2010

       If you set the coffee maker up to drip directly onto your forehead, I would think you'd wake up rather quickly.
xandram, Feb 19 2010

       [dentworth], nothing stopping you pulling the tube out and drinking it once you wake.   

       Perhaps pumping adrenalin into you would be more effective.
mitxela, Feb 19 2010


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