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Teasmade Heated Floor Mat

Urban Kitsch to warm your tootsies.
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Teasmades were once the de riguer presents to give for Christmas, representing opulance and luxury. They then fell out of favour, becoming items of ridicule and kitsch, not even fit as prizes on Bullseye.

I picture a stunning return:

Getting out of bed during cold Winter mornings can be a struggle... "Why should I leave my warm bed?" one asks oneself, "If only I could have a nice warm cuppa". A foot scouts its way from underneath the sheets and onto the floor only to recoil in horror at the bitter chill.

No more! The Teasmade Heated Floor Mat is a device that wraps you up* in a warm shield, ready to face the world: On the surface it is a traditional teasmade but with a special feature that replaces the normal nozzle from which it dispense hot water: The kettle spout is connected, via pumping system and rubber tubing, to a rubber floor mat with conduit vessels and then back again to the waiting teacup (or mug if you prefer).

Set the device to wake you up at 8am and you will find yourself welcomed to consciousness with an enticing cup of tea brewed freshly at 7.59 and the mat, heated at 7.58, will ensure that your feet will no longer fear the first steps in the morning.

Don't you wish you were waking up to this tomorrow?

*in a metaphorical sense!

Jinbish, May 26 2006

(??) Heated Floors! Heated_20Floors!
My inspiration. [Jinbish, May 26 2006]


       an extension lead to the bathroom to warm a scottish wintry loo seat?   

       my worry is that this gizmo is at boiling point.
po, May 27 2006

       Och Aye, there's a chill breeze aboot ma knees!   

       Nobody drinks their tea right after the kettle has boiled - you have to cool it down at least a little. So rather than let the heat dissipate and go to waste, this machine uses the excess energy to warm the mat. The pump operates at an appropriate speed so that the heat transferred is enough to warm the mat and still produce a cup of tea that is acceptably hot.   

       This may involve a loopback system, rather than a straightforward
kettle->mat->cup system.
Jinbish, May 27 2006


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