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House Allergen Signs

Might be helpful
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Simple, durable signs indicating the presence of allergens, to be affixed to or by the front door of a dwelling. Self-adheive or screw-on.

Alerts visitors to the presence of possible allergens i.e. pets, nuts, cleaning products, bees - anything that carries an anaphylaxis reaction risk.

Given away free at health centres and charities.

Could be sponsored by pharma companies, such as vendors of antihisthamines and EpiPens.

8th of 7, Jan 23 2019

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       On one hand more information is better. On the other hand there is a lot of hysteria around allergies.
Voice, Jan 24 2019

       There's a liability problem here though: if you don't have a "May contain nuts" sign on your front door, it might not mean anything and then it would be unreasonable for a visitor to sue you after suffering anaphylactic shock resulting from encountering stray peanuts in your house. On the other hand, not having a "May contain nuts" sign may be taken as a indication that your house is nut-free, and a visitor who suffers an anaphylactic shock because of peanuts in your house (even though you didn't know about these peanuts, discarded months ago by a visiting niece) could be justified in seeking damages against you. So these signs, while helpful, are a burden for the home-owner if the absence of a sign implies liability. On the other hand, you would soon find out who your true friends are - i.e. those who don't sue you even after suffering a near-fatal allergic reaction which you had assured them couldn't happen.

Hmm - perhaps you can solve this by having another sign saying "Absence of a 'May contain nuts' sign on this house should not be taken as implying this house is peanut-free".

([Voice] //hysteria around allergies// - yes, although peanut allergies are real. I know people who have suffered anaphylactic shock on being fed peanuts concealed in other food (e.g. chocolate) and who would probably have died had they not been quickly injected with an EpiPen)
hippo, Jan 24 2019

       So, what happens if you've just screwed your "durable sign" to the front door, and a bee flies in? Would it not be more efficient to attach the sign to the actual bee?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 24 2019

       Surely the most obvious sign of the presence of most any allergen would be random toys strewn about?
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2019

       Only one sign needed:   

       "Presence or absence of any notice anywhere should not be taken as implying anything about anything".
pocmloc, Jan 25 2019

       // there is a lot of hysteria around allergies. //   

       Yes, but mostly just from people who have come out in big purple blotches and are struggling to breathe ...
8th of 7, Jan 25 2019


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