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The Personal Hovercraft Vacuum Cleaner
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Mom, can I vacuum the floors again today? Please?
theircompetitor, Oct 28 2011

Hovercraft Vacuum Cleaner http://en.wikipedia...eaner#Constellation
[spidermother, Oct 28 2011]

The Hoover Constellation http://homepage.ntl...nstellation_862.jpg
Only the bottom half of this one is purple... [Canuck, Oct 29 2011]


       So it sucks _and_ blows? If it somehow routes the blown air through a filter, possibly; but crumbly, messy bun is pending an elaborate, long-winded, and convoluted explanation.
swimswim, Oct 28 2011

       It would really have to suck (big time) if it hovers above the floor- to really gather any dirt...It might just go into flight!
xandram, Oct 28 2011

       Not sure about that -- what if we simply used brushes to actually pick up the dirt?   

       A more ambitious idea might be to use a Dyson array along the skirt of the hovercraft
theircompetitor, Oct 28 2011

       I think it's going to require catching the dust that is blown up by the blower. Either that, or a few schnozzleappendages. But I don't really think it's appropriate to discuss those on a family website like this.
swimswim, Oct 28 2011

       very cool -- thanks spidermother for that link. The capability having been established, let's remember that the idea is for one that a kid could ride on.
theircompetitor, Oct 28 2011

       Yep, we had one of those Hoovers. A purple one, I think, sort of like the one in my link. It was fun the first couple of times you used it, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly after that.   

       Eventually I discovered I could turn it over and inflate dry cleaning bags with hot air, then launch them up the stairwell.
Canuck, Oct 29 2011

       wait, it went up the stairwell itslef?
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2011

       As the adverts say, "It's a lot less bother with a hother."
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2011

       Hoover Hover
pashute, Apr 25 2012

       //It was fun the first couple of times you used it, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly after that. //
as did the paint, IIRC.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 25 2012


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