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House of Oz Dyson

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House of Oz Dyson is the name given to the latest Dyson vacuum cleaner, which has been created as a special edition to commemorate the famous 1939 American musical fantasy adventure film The Wizard of Oz.

In the beginning of the film, Dorothy (Judy Garland) wakes up to discover that her house (with her inside it) is being carried aloft by a powerful tornado.

The House of Oz Dyson vacuum cleaner takes this idea and uses it as the central core of its appliance, meaning the actual cleaner is built around a scaled down replica of a prairie house. The whirling vortex of dust and debris created by the suction system of the Dyson orbits the house, just as the tornado did in the namesake film. As the vacuum cleaner is used, the house slowly rises up a central shaft towards the upper end of the inner cylinder.

Available as a limited edition only. De-lux version features added effect of an illuminated window on the house depicting the figure of a panic stricken Dorothy figure.

xenzag, Nov 29 2013


       You left out Toto. Hmmm.
blissmiss, Nov 29 2013

       No winged monkeys were hurt in the making of this post...regrettably
not_morrison_rm, Nov 30 2013

       "Yours, and your little dogs hairs too."   

       "You, and the house you rode in on" ?
8th of 7, Dec 01 2013


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