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Howling stop line

For safer junctions.
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At traffic lights, there are stop lines. Vehicles are intended to stop short of these lines.

The proposal addresses three problems; drivers waiting at a red light either (a) creeping forward, (b) in countries with have a Red/Red-Amber/Green sequence, drivers starting to move off on Red-Amber, or (c) drivers "cutting the corner" , imperriling other road uses waiting for their turn.

The stop line on the road has a linear pressure sensor embedded in it. When the lights are red, and the sensor detects an increase in pressure, a loud horn sounds and a spotlight illuminates the area guarded by the stop line. This draws attention to the offender.

If a vehicle already has its wheels on the stop line when the lights turn red, then there's no noise - stopping with your wheels on the line is permissible.

8th of 7, Jun 26 2009

There's always the little-old-lady enforcement system http://www.youtube....watch?v=6bBVJAFrN0U
[FlyingToaster, Jun 26 2009]


       My god Jeeves, any more of this talk and I am rolling up the double glazed partition that should naturally seperate us...Now put a foot on it, I have to hand in these expense claims for my twenty-thirteenth home's damp proofing before "Old Browny" gets into the office...
4whom, Jun 26 2009

       Sensible. I'm with you until the last paragraph - wouldn't this tend to encourage drivers to stop with wheels on the stop line so as to be able to "start to move" prematurely without penalty?   

       It seems the logic could be changed to perform the same function - i.e. operate as you describe, but if wheels are on the top line when the light turns red, any decrease in pressure would also activate the discouragement.
csea, Jun 26 2009

       Reasonable - any significant change in pressure triggers the system.
8th of 7, Jun 26 2009

       like a bowling alley!
dentworth, Jun 26 2009


       Another way of further taking away people's ability to use their own judgement and initiative and impose unthinking rules & laws wherever unnecessary.   

       Like when the police specifically choose 4-way stop junctions where drivers can see for hundreds of metres in all directions. Something like 90% of drivers see that there is nothing that could possibly come from any direction (vehicle or pedestrian),and therefore slow down but don't actually - and entirely unnecessarily - achieve full removal of forward momentum before carrying on with their journey.   

       All so they can generate maximum 'traffic fines' (aka revenue) and claim to be tough on dangerous' driving   

       Just by the way ... anyone know the world record for waiting at a red light that was actually broken? 24 hours, by a woman in Queensland
kindachewy, Jun 26 2009


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