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jam lights

stops you going through red lights
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To stop people going through red lights I have invented a sytem to prevent being fined (or whatever). If you go through red lights you get splated with strawberry jam, and custard when amber shows.
gizmo, Nov 16 2001


       Would this not be an incentive for jumping the red lights?   

       mmmmm croissant, jam and custard.
arora, Nov 16 2001

       Looks like gizmo's falling into the rant/"punish all people who do X" trap, which isn't a good place to be. After all, this is just a milder version of Pop-Up Severe Tire Damage Spikes for Red Light Runners.   

       Must try harder.
pottedstu, Nov 16 2001

       Especially in the area of punishment. What does "splated" mean, anyway? Is that like being splayed?
bristolz, Nov 17 2001

       .... or spayed....
po, Nov 17 2001

       Spayed if you go through a red light? Wow, talk about cruel and unusual...
NeverDie, Dec 15 2001


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