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Lenticular Light Traffic Slower

Lenticular Light Traffic Slower
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Use lenticular traffic lights to obscure the color of the light till a car is only a few feet away from the light. In other words, a driver cannot know if the light is green or red untill he is close enough to the light to see it and therefore has to slow down.

The lenticular aspect may be adjusted according to the desirable speed to be enforced.

painperdu, Jan 14 2009

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Adapted form mitxela's lenticular light idea. [painperdu, Jan 14 2009]


       I don't recommend that. Somewhat like blind corners, there will always be some moron who figures that if it might be red or green, it must be green, and just keep driving.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 14 2009

       No. What we need is a thing to speed traffic up.
neelandan, Jan 16 2009


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