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In-dash Traffic Lights

Get rid of street-based traffic lights
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There will necessarily be a transition period as we move from human-driven cars to driverless cars. As part of this transition, I propose we ignore the problem of driverless cars for a moment and instead start with centralized traffic control. Every used and new car should be designed or retrofitted with an on-dash traffic light system, sending GPS signals and receiving traffic control information. As a car approaches an intersection, the in-car system would notify the driver whether they're allowed to proceed.

This means you'll never again have to wait at a red light when there's nobody there, long before we're ready to let computers to be our eyes and hands controlling the car itself.

Pedestrian signals would feed into the same system.

kevinthenerd, Apr 10 2017

Audi Traffic Lights Online system https://www.audi-me...ht-information-2418
Seems to have most of what is described in the idea. [tatterdemalion, Apr 10 2017]

Connected Signals https://connectedsignals.com
[tatterdemalion, Apr 10 2017]

Picture in dash A_20Picture_20Is_20..._20Thousand_20Honks
[theircompetitor, Apr 10 2017]


       Hmmm ... State regulates what lights you can have on the outside of your car, and vaguely enforces some other lighting restrictions regarding vehicles.   

       I can envision young drivers adding extra disco effects inside their vehicles to add to the decor.
normzone, Apr 10 2017

       Duplicate light info for the cell phone, which 86% of drivers (in Washington DC) are looking at to the exclusion of the dash, the traffic, pedestrians or anything else. [+]
whatrock, Apr 10 2017

       ^ bun.
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2017


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