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Hubcap Margaritas

Prepare up to four frozen beverages while you drive
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The Hubcap margarita maker looks a lot like the pitcher section of a blender, but with a few important differences:

-The lid is fastened much more securely

-The bottom is equipped with hardware for attaching to the wheel of you car.

-The blade does not spin in the pitcher. Rather, it is fixed to the inside, and the whole pitcher spins as you drive.

All you need to do if fill the hubcap margarita maker with ice, lime juice, and tequila, screw on the lid, attach it to the wheel hub, and drive somewhere about one mile away. (Don't forget to bring a glass with salted rim!)

When you arrive at your destination, unscrew, pour, and enjoy!

AO, Mar 24 2003

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       Does this only work in cold weather? I'd be afraid of melting the ice if I live too far from the party. +
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2003

       Don't forget the Triple Sec and/or Grand Marnier.
waugsqueke, Mar 24 2003

       Cointreau works, too...
yamahito, Mar 24 2003

       Of course, once receptacle is removed for drinking, the car should refuse to be driven for several hours...
yamahito, Mar 24 2003

       Some adjustment to the 'open container laws' might need to be enacted.   

       Ludicrously workable. Love it. +
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2003

       Don't the laws apply only to open containers *inside* the car? You could probably get away with it.
sambwiches, Mar 24 2003

       Woohoo, much appreciated bliss : ) In the real world I'm known as an asshole. Nice change.
sambwiches, Mar 24 2003

       Nah. The real world has more carpets.
sambwiches, Mar 24 2003

       Well that explains where all that tequila went. I never thought to look in the hubcaps.
waugsqueke, Mar 24 2003

       And the Tijuana Brass on the radio....
brenna, Mar 24 2003

       shaken not stirred - neat idea +1
po, Mar 26 2003

       that ingenious...i applaud you. can i have your autograph?
animatedvixen, Mar 26 2003

       What an inventive way for my husband and me to combine road trips (short ones. mile-long ones. many of them) with what's left of the booze from our wedding a month ago. Croissantarita!   

       I presume this method works just as well for things like mojitos, pina coladas and painkillers, yes? We've got a hell of a lot of leftover rum.
1percent, Mar 26 2003

       Wait, if you converted a mechanical distributer with and electronic one, you could modify you old shaft to support a blender pitcher. It would be very dramatic, and the open container is clearly outside the vehicle!
AMCguy, Aug 26 2003


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