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Human-specialised Vets

Deal with a shortage of doctors by recruiting veterinary surgeons
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Britain has around 27k veterinary surgeons. However, we are training several thousand each year, so if each vet practised for a few decades there would be far more than 27k. Veterinary medicine has a very high rate of people leaving the profession.

But these people have spent six years learning to do their job, it would be a shame for such education go to waste. There is also a common complaint here in Britain that we do not have enough doctors.

Given this large pool of doctors for animals who are not working in their field, I propose a short (~1 year) intensive course to enable them to specialise in humans. This will have the added benefit of improving patient experience, as vets have a far better bedside manner.

Selky, Jul 20 2022

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       Bun, but only if the WHOLE EXPERIENCE of visiting such a doctor is closer to a vet visit.   

       "Who's a good patient?!? You are! Yes you aarrree. Now, roll over and let's look at that tum.   

       All done, here's a treat and a scratch behind the ear. Such a gooood patient! Well done!"
not_only_but_also, Jul 20 2022

       [n_o_b_a] you are a g-d- genius, yes you are! Here's a bit of bacon and a friendly scritch around the ears.   

       Prior to assisted death (and still, because that process is precarious), my mother makes me promise that I'll take her to The Vet when the time comes. We have more compassion for stopping the suffering of our animals at end-of-life than our people.   

       I'll likely have to go to the vet as well, since various assaults, stabbings, shootings, car accidents, falls from a great height, cancer, Covid, and a heart attack have so far failed to kill me.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 20 2022

       Why does a Vet have to specialize on any one species?   

       "Do you help wounded beings here?"
"Would you have a look at this?"

       ...and then they help you and you get to try and lick their faces until they put a cone on your neck.   

       Is it a pretty girl?
Voice, Jul 21 2022

       + This could be a good idea.
xandram, Jul 21 2022


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