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Lifetime Health Grant

gifted individuals are awarded free-for-life healthcare to continue their work
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i always like to see who wins macarthur "genius" awards. the award is given to people who just keep on doing great work. the cash award aids them in the continual persuit, but there is a more efficient way to award these folks: give them a Free Health Care Pass, good for life. i pay $600/month for cobra at the moment. if i was gifted, how could i do my stuff without worrying about monthly payments? some health insurance company should step up and create this award, give out 100 or so awards per year. their effective cost will be ZERO dollars. they get good press. the awarded get piece of mind and more focus.

another: the Free Bread and Cheese for life award. seriously. this is another award that can be provided by the grantor at wholesale cost. while the grantee neednt eat bread and cheese everyday, he and his family can be assured that they will never starve.

gnormal, Jan 20 2003

(?) macarthur awardees http://macarthur.or...el/2002overview.htm
[gnormal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       How many people does that $600 mo. to Cobra cover?
thumbwax, Jan 20 2003

       the cobra covers my wife and i.   

       this is not a rant. and im not just talking about scientists. im talking about whomever the grantor sees fit to grant (personally, i like the cross section of grantees chosen by the macarthur foundation).   

       the insurance companies can provide lifetime health insurance at some unknown but very low cost. because most grantees will not be sent to coma by a truck or develop some longterm dibilitating cancer, the cost to the grantor will be far far less than using a cash grant to pay retail health ins.   

       the professors at the unis might be covered, but there are lots of people (various activists and advocates) who could use coverage.   

       one advantage of this type of grant over a cash grant is that it doesnt contribute to the possibility of the recipient becoming fat&lazy- only secure and more focused.
gnormal, Jan 20 2003

       i also like your idea.
gnormal, Jan 20 2003

       Already baked, in the UK, for everyone - but, hey, we're a nation of genii..
yamahito, Jan 21 2003

       Well, in the UK we *hope* it's going to last our lifetimes.
kropotkin, Jan 21 2003

       For one horrible moment I thought this was "Lifetime Hugh Grant" - where an annoying English, floppy-haired, almost typecast actor would follow you around for the duration of your life. "I-I-I-I ju-ju-just want to make sure your o-o-o-kay. A guardian Hugh if you will".
Jinbish, Jan 22 2003


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