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In Sickness & In Health-o-Meter

For your spouse/ significant other
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A little doohickey that attaches to the part of your back that you can't scratch, it measures your temperature and heart rate. So if you go and have a heart attack or are just feeling unwell, your significant other will know, as the corresponding keychain will beep.

The keychain could also pose as a panic button for people allergic to bees or something like that, eg, if you get stung, your other half, who is most likely nearby, or in a position to find help, will go call someone or get those injection thingummies.

froglet, Nov 28 2005


       Um, there is no part of my back that I can't scratch. Perhaps you need to see a physical therapist to get loosened up a little?   

       But to the point, I believe there are health monitors with alerts already on the market. Hm...perhaps not: can only seem to find exercise monitors.
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

       Add a way of occasionally sending a one-bit "I'm still alive, I love you, I'm thinking of you, *hugs*" message, just to make sure the connection works.
jutta, Nov 28 2005

       These transmitters (Wi-Fi?, Cellphone?) could be monitored at a monitoring station, where your actual medical sympoms could be diagnosed and the appropriate medical services sent (Ambulance, GP, Coroner). The device would need to transmit heart-rate, blood pressure, blood-sugar etc, and also the GPS position of the person. In some cases a doctor could arrive before the patient even knew there was a problem (A heart murmur precursor to stroke, for example).   

       Bun for the original concept, which could be expanded.
Minimal, Nov 28 2005

       jutta: for the sake of truth in advertising, I think that should be "I'm still alive, I love you, my electronic monitor is thinking of you, *hugs*"
DrCurry, Nov 28 2005

       why on the back?
i-Mer, Nov 28 2005

       And the Tamagotchi pet on the moniter has the same health as you. Keep him alive...and YOU also get to live.
sleeka, Nov 29 2005

       Bun, but every invention needs a good catchy name. May I suggest "In Sickness & In Health-o-Meter"
zeno, Nov 29 2005

       O yeah!
zeno, Dec 05 2005


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