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Human wear protect spray

not need wahsing, just wet it
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This is a spray that protect the human wear. When you want to wear the coat (example) just spray it on and it will protect the coat from any dirty. to clean it, just put in to tha water ( the spray will crash by the H2O (water)) thrn take it out. all the dirty and smell will gone. to wear it again, just spray once.
atcw, Jan 28 2004


       not to recommend for tha raincoat.
FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2004

       "Human Wear" I really have to start using that phrase.
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       [wact] How does this work? Is this english?
Worldgineer, Jan 28 2004

       I recommend covering your clothes, hair, and body in plastic wrap before leaving the house. Then just come home, peel off, and throw away. Voila, no shower needed.
phundug, Jan 28 2004

       If you use aluminum foil you also avoid mind reading devices (at least the lower grade ones).
Worldgineer, Jan 28 2004

       "...and protect me from any dirty. Amen."

Sometimes that works, too. And with the foil and the scotchguard, you should have all your bases covered.
lintkeeper2, Jan 28 2004

       What if I like "wahsing"? I've got a half-decent voice. I think everyone should have a right to sing "wah", don't you?   

       <deep baritone> "Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!" <deep baritone>
Klaatu, Jan 28 2004

       <clap, clap, clap>
k_sra, Jan 28 2004

       <takes a bow>
Klaatu, Jan 28 2004

       this gives me an idea for a new product, non-language-mangling translation programs and word processors!
whatastrangeperson, Jan 28 2004

       I'd have to bone that as a wibini. This looks like it came straight out of babelfish.
Freefall, Jan 28 2004

       atcw, I wish I had as much knowledge of your language as you have of mine. +1
po, Jan 28 2004


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