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Human wreckingball

Mind the... ouch!
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In the UK there's a place call Diggerland (not World - thanks [hippo]), where adults and kids get to drive various pieces of construction/demolition machinery. Who wouldn't want to?!!

One omission is the wrecking ball. Since driving this might be considered dangerous to some of our younger citizens, and probably to most other non-trained adults there is a way that we could 'experience' the wrecking ball in the pursuit of entertainment.

Sporting a helmet and sturdy goggles, our intrepid exponents of the wrecking ball art are attached to the end where the ball would normally be. A qualified driver then proceeds to use them to knock down polystyrene or similarly light building material walls.

Weeeeeeeethwokweeeeeeee !!!!

WYBloke, Aug 06 2004

Diggerland http://www.diggerland.com/
[hippo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Diggerland accident http://news.bbc.co....nd/wear/3624411.stm
Two people were hospitalised in an accident earlier this year. [hippo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bullard http://www.bullard....products/custom.cfm
These people will print logos on hard hats for you [hippo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A hardhat for po http://members.cox....deb/croishelmet.GIF
be sure to order one in time for the Halfbakery bed-in in that leaky warehouse [dentworth, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You mean "Diggerland". I should be going there this weekend.
hippo, Aug 06 2004

       where is it?
po, Aug 06 2004

       Kent, Devon and Durham
hippo, Aug 06 2004

       great venue for a halfcon!
po, Aug 06 2004

       A step closer to the UK version of Burning Man.
skinflaps, Aug 06 2004

       Yup - time for another Halfcon. Note that Diggerland has had some accidents (see link), but what did they expect?
hippo, Aug 06 2004

       hb hardhats are called for...
po, Aug 06 2004

       oops, see link
dentworth, Aug 06 2004

       Baked. Jackass stunt.
britboy, Aug 06 2004

       not Cupid then?
po, Aug 06 2004

       Baked - "Hi, I'm Preston Lacey, and this is Human Wreckingball".   

       But the third paragraph kind of makes this a more original idea. On Jackass, they just swung the poor guy into port-a-cabins.
spiritualized, Aug 06 2004

       Would the croishelmet be soft, like a croissant, or hard and made of fibreglass, like a baguette?
spiritualized, Aug 06 2004

       try biting on it!
po, Aug 06 2004

       Edible hats... there's a market for that somewhere.
spiritualized, Aug 06 2004

       I'm <10 Mins from the Kent one!
and if you want to get there properly fromLondon way that is a SHITE map!
EDIT - It's not as bad as I thought since they have moved. It is now < 5 Mins from me but <6 Mins fro the pub!
gnomethang, Aug 06 2004

       oh gnome! is it creeping nearer you all the time?
po, Aug 06 2004

       yep! it got him...
po, Aug 06 2004

       glad you like the helmet, it is a metal croissant, but I will direct your comments to marketting for further consideration. Have you seen our line of edible underwear?
dentworth, Aug 06 2004

       Well I went to Diggerland this morning. Pretty good - real construction equipment and some nice diggers and my (six year old) son got to drive a real dump truck (I was operating the pedals). I think what I liked most though was that it didn't come across as being run by a faceless corporate money-making machine. The guy who drove the off-road caterpillar-tracked vehicle was smoking a roll-up, one of the staff when we arrived gave us a very honest summary of all the attractions, including saying "Don't go on that one - it's a rip-off", and the cafe sells beer (and a decent cup of tea).
hippo, Aug 07 2004

       I hope the caff was authentic - dripping with grease and ketchup. was flashing a builders' bum compulsory?
po, Aug 07 2004

       No bums, but lots of ketchup.
hippo, Aug 07 2004

       mmmmmm: Ketchup!
gnomethang, Aug 07 2004

       Hardhat world exists?!?!?
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2004

       Is this talk of halfconing serious?
RobertKidney, Aug 08 2004

       wearing the half-cones is a pain though.
po, Aug 08 2004

       Especially when worn upside-down.
spiritualized, Aug 09 2004

       Depends where you make the cut.
WYBloke, Aug 10 2004


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