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Loud Balls in the Forest!

Noninvasive sounding mechanism on various sports balls/discs/etc.
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Anyone ever play frisbee golf? Throw a frisbee through a forest 3 or 4 times until you reach the "hole"... Kinda fun, but I lost my frisbee the other day, and they cost money, so I figured "Why can't they put little devices into the disc that sound off from a page?" Surely there is commercially viable technology to be able to include such sounding devices without impeding the flight of the disc much. Same goes for golf balls. Sure, the new balls/discs wouldn't be approved for professional play, but who the hell plays sports professionally anyway?
daseva, May 31 2005

Reminded me of the Homing Disk Homing_20Disk
[zen_tom, May 31 2005]

Flashing Frisbee with Sound http://www.globalso...9681/1000333522.htm
You can likely hack this to build in an on/off switch. [Worldgineer, May 31 2005]

Well, half baked, already. http://www.whynot.net/view_idea?id=836
Does anyone like this site? I've never seen it... [daseva, May 31 2005]

Radioactive golf ball For [bungst] [Worldgineer, May 31 2005]


       would you hear it fall in a forest?
po, May 31 2005

       It would sound cool as someone threw one of these past you with it switched on.
zen_tom, May 31 2005

       Good for doppler effect demonstrations, if anything else, eh?   

       [world], not a bad idea. I knew they had those out... But, frisbee gold discs are different, with all sorts of weight standards and such, I want to follow those guidelines. As for golfballs, I'd love to see this baked, but haven't found it. Yet.
daseva, May 31 2005

       Maybe if it just continually made a chirping sound using a small photo battery (the disc kind). Much simpler. In fact they could be sold as add-ons to Frisbee's today; just stick them in the underside center.   

       I'm less convinced of paracticality for the golf ball, though
bristolz, May 31 2005

       Maybe just use an RFID sticker? You'd still have to walk around looking for it, and you'd need a RFID reader, but you would know when it's close.
Worldgineer, May 31 2005

       Could be an active rather than passive RFID. Might help range a bit. You'd also know it was your frisbee.
bristolz, May 31 2005

       Perhaps a small amount of radioactive material - it would not alter the weight of the disc, and one could find it using a geiger counter-type device.
bungston, May 31 2005

       As expected, linkrot has attacked this page.   

       But it's a fun idea, and I'd buy one if somebody baked it.
normzone, Dec 16 2014


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