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Lesson Zap

Giving schoolkids a get-out clause
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We all know schoolkids get fed up with the daily grind, fed up with their abominable lesson timetables; they grudge, and moan, resent being at school and sometimes they are not so passive about the 'system'. The reality is that some schoolkids get so fed up with it all that they end up playing truant. If they get caught as often happens then they get punished, making them even more depressed, angry or rebellious. Strict schools can even suspend or expel pupils for this sort of thing and consequently they get deprived of education or labelled as a trouble-maker which can further distance themselves from their educational needs and potential.

So why not give these kids a self-empowering lesson zapper. A quota of say, three lessons per month maximum, that they are allowed to zap i.e. not go to. If there is a particular lesson that they are dreading they can get out of it by using one of their allowed lesson zaps. Basically they have the choice, they dont have to use them all up, but if they do miss a lesson or two here and there they will not get punished for it unless they have exceeded their maximum quota.

It will mean an end to the word 'compulsory' in schools and give schoolkids that extra sense of freedom which would lessen their grudginess and improve their sense of well-being and thus the well-being of society.

Xen, Jan 24 2003

Calvin and Hobbes http://www.ucomics....dhobbes/1992/01/19/
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Baked for older students, anyway. I recall being given a certain number of "cuts" per semester per class. The idea is that you have to show for class 95 % of the time (or however much).   

       This was not a matter of school policy, just the way certin profs addressed the issue of attendance.
snarfyguy, Jan 24 2003

       At my high school we were allowed 13 unexcused absences. After that they send a letter to the folks, and you have to make up classes. I generally used up those 13 days, and then forged notes for the rest. Ahhh high school. What a waste of time it was.
notme, Jan 24 2003

       Given the neglible affect school has on some kids, I believe the truancy laws are only really there to keep the kids off the streets.
DrCurry, Jan 31 2003

       state schools were instigated for that very reason - get them off the streets.
po, Jan 31 2003


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